My Old Phone Died And I Tried The Oppo F5… These Are My Takeaways

My Old Phone Died And I Tried The Oppo F5… These Are My Takeaways

I have been an Apple fan all my life. No one could convince me about the merits of an Android phone because I was a die-hard loyalist. But my father is a big OPPO fan and it was often a debate on the dinner table: His phone versus mine.

We had never reached a conclusion until I cracked the screen of my already fragile phone and had to look for a quick replacement. This was the time I announced my interest in my dad’s OPPO F5 and he gladly surrendered his device into my hands.

I fiddled with his phone for a week while trying to come to a decision and its smart features caught my attention. The end of this tale is that I bought one of my own, in vibrant blue: the new OPPO F5 Sidharth Limited Edition.

Know what really made me switch? These five features that OPPO offers at a great price!

1. Lights, camera, smile!

I have a just demand from my phone: Give me perfect selfies and I’ll never let you feel lonely. The OPPO F5 boasts a 16-megapixel rear camera and a 20-megapixel front camera. So imagine my surprise when the quality of the photographs surpassed all my expectations. And the lazy girl in me got another respite: no more pestering friends to edit my photos because the phone has an Artificial Intelligence feature that makes sure you’ll need no editing! Double win!

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2. Memories and more memories…

Like I mentioned, I am lazy. I like to take 40 pictures for that one selfie, and I never clear that clutter of pictures because it’s too much effort. For girls like me, this smartphone comes with an internal storage of 32GB, which can be expanded upto 256GB. So with this superhero phone, I can not only take a million selfies and forget about deleting them, but I can store a lot of games to keep me busy when I am on the go.

3. Fingerprint and face recognition, FTW!

You must have seen a phone with face recognition and also a phone with a fingerprint scanner. But ever seen a phone with both these features? Yeah, I love the best of both worlds in OPPO F5!

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4. The battery life. OMG!

I am always on my phone: listening to music, replying to texts, Facebooking! For me, a long battery life is a must! The OPPO F5 did absolute justice to that. It lasted for over a day without having to charge it even once. With all the constant surfing and photo sessions, I think this phone gets a big thumbs up from me when it comes to battery usage.

5. The last but not the least…

A phone is a reflection of one’s personality and this phone truly reflects mine. I was a big fan of the golden flip phone when it had arrived, and now this cool blue colour has my heart. Also, the Sidharth Malhotra Limited Edition makes it more coveted and unique. The phone came with a wallpaper that had Siddharth’s face on it. SO cute!

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All this just for Rs 19,990. Yep, I have already made my shift to this phone, and I recommend it to everyone who is thinking of a change. Go get yours, right now!

*This is a sponsored post for OPPO.