The ‘Opal Hair’ Trend Is The Coolest New Spin On Unicorn Fever!

Chhavi Porwal

Senior Trending Writer

When you dive into Instagram trends, the world can seem endless because of the uncensored burst of creativity. In our world, it's the power of social media that makes these hair trends popular. And Internet can, of course, take credit for giving these colour trends the most tempting names. For instance, take sunset hair, rainbow ombré hair or mulled wine. But the freshest in Insta-town is opal hair. Yup, an all new hair trend has finally arrived. Just when we thought it can’t get cooler than rainbow hair, make-up artists and innovators surprised us.  

With about 19,020 tags of opal hair on Instagram, the trend is catching on because of its all-things-unicorn look. Think of all pastels mixed on canvas including ice blue and silvery pinks. It’s a loose mix of purple, pinks, oranges and blues that’s likely to suit almost every hair type. Sure, it’s not one of those subtle browns that’ll allow you to merge in with the crowd. But if you want to experiment and stand out, this one's for you.

However, as you scroll through the options, you’ll realise that it’s endlessly customisable for both, brunettes and blondes. You can certainly switch from pastels to darker shades, for instance from lavender to amethyst. In fact, for those of us with dark hair, hairstylists have come up with a darker spin on the colour, and have dubbed it to “opal-oil slick” hair.

1. See how brunettes don't have to dial down the unicorn?


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2. Just in case your vibe is platinum...


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3. In case you want to go half-and-half...


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Like what you see? Go ahead and let the opal-effect take over your hair!

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Published on Feb 02, 2018
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