Ms Braganza Has An Unexpected Weekend Getaway!

Ms Braganza Has An Unexpected Weekend Getaway!

My first orgasm in life taught me one thing - life is dreary without good sex. And that's the mantra I've lived by, even after marriage. Now, I don't mean to brag but when Mr. Braganza and I take it, we take it to town! After much thinking, I've decided it's best to share my bedroom adventures with you all. Because good sex and great stories are never a bad idea!

Back when Mr Braganza and I had just got married, we'd find ourselves running off to the hills even for a one-day break. So, when the first long weekend of this year rolled around, I was surprised that neither of us even thought of getting out of town. "Looks like we're getting old, huh, babe?" I told B, leaving a peck on his cheek and getting ready for work on the morning of 25th January. He gave me a sad smile "Older and wiser?" he replied. I laughed. Definitely wiser, I agreed. 

It wasn't until the second half of the day at work that Mr Braganza's e-mail popped up on my screen. 'Wise men say...' the subject read. I quickly opened it up.

'...only fools rush in, but I can't help falling in love with you! Allow me, madame, to whisk you away once again!' 

Oh, you should've seen the smile on my face. It could've lit up the whole of Gotham city! Attached were our flight tickets. This man sure knew how to push all my right buttons!

Internal braganza vacation

Could you blame me then, for calling it a day and hailing a cab to his office? My man needed some lovin' and he needed it now! "Oh hey, baby!" he said as I stepped into his cabin, "I thought I would be seeing you tonight at home to pack for the trip." "Or..." I said, letting my overcoat fall to the floor, "We take a little detour to your bathroom." 

There was no time in between the door shutting behind me and his arms pinning mine against the wall. His lips left a blazing trail of kisses from my neck down to my breasts. I pull his head up and kiss him boldly, my hands feeling the taut muscles under Mr Braganza's shirt. 

As his mouth takes in my nipples and his fingers find that sweet spot beneath my skirt, I gasp. I unbuckle his belt and let him enter me. I bite my lower lips and dig my fingers into his shoulders, he knows that's a cue to keep going. The sex is short-lived; but, as I button my shirt, I know this is just the beginning of a vacation I won't forget.

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