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Dear Deepika, Thank You For These Amazing Life Lessons!

Akanksha Bhatia

Lifestyle Writer

Deepika Padukone has always been an inspiration, from making it big early in her career to establishing the Live Laugh Love foundation, this actress seems to have done everything right. One of the first people in the industry to come out and talk about anxiety and depression, she turned into a rockstar in my eyes overnight. But that isn't all she's done, she's humble, honest and loves the fact that her fans fawn over her on every occasion but not in a narcissistic way. In case you missed out on her inspiring Instagram posts, here is a list of life lessons to learn from Deepika Padukone

1. It's A Daily Struggle

Nobody is perfect and we're all working together towards a better tomorrow. 

2. It's Important To Know How To Laugh At Yourself 



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If the world gives you memes, share them!

3. It's Okay To Give In Sometimes



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Nobody is perfect, and McDonald's is bae. 

4. Always Take Sometime Out For Things That Make You Happy

For Deepika it was badminton, like her father. For you it could be something completely different, just remember to never let it go. 

5. Always Stand-Up For What You Think Is Right

Deepika took a stand when the entire nation was against her film. Believe in what you do, even when nobody else does. 

6. Keep Pushing Yourself


#SS17 #AllAboutYou

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She runs a business, a foundation and is a successful actress, she does it all! And so can you!

7. Fangirl Moments Are Inevitable 


this just happened...😊 @theellenshow

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She obsesses and fan-girls over life-changing moments...and is definitely not ashamed of it!

8. Being Humble Takes You A Long Way

Read the caption, need I say more?

9. Family Always Comes First 


Happy Birthday Pappa...I Love You!❤️

A post shared by Deepika Padukone (@deepikapadukone) on

Her cute posts about her family always warm my heart. 

10. Always Be There For People Who've Been There For You


#besties @divya4488 @sneha_ramachander

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Never forget the people who loved you at your lowest, they're the ones who matter the most. 

Keep 'em life lessons coming, Deepika!

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Published on Feb 07, 2018
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