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*Kiss Day* Kissproof Lipsticks To Keep You Lip Locked On Valentine’s Day

Your beauty arsenal for Valentine’s Day is incomplete without some kiss-proof lipsticks! And plus it's International Kiss Day! We want you to get cosy and steal a lot of kisses this year. Don’t want to end up with a face full of lipstick though! Picking the right lipstick formula is *key*. The right lipstick won’t smudge, smear or budge through the heat of the night. Check out some of these long-lasting lipstick formulas that won’t leave you looking like a hot mess! These lipsticks are going to stand the test of your wine and dine! So pucker up and steal as many kisses as you can, after all this is the most romantic night of the year!  

PS: A lip stain or a SOLID liquid lipstick is your best friend for this night of the year. A really great liquid lipstick may flake but it certainly won’t smear. A lip stain as the name suggests stains your lips. Lip stains have a watery consistency and are extremely pigment-rich. A little goes a long way and they leave your lips with a gorgeous stain. For I-woke-up-like-this lips, use a lip stain! Oh and did we mention, some of them taste AMAZING too!

We hope we’ve helped you narrow down your kiss day lipstick choices. Tell us which one was your favourite!

Published on Feb 13, 2018
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