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10 Fashion Trends To Kiss Goodbye To This Valentine’s Day!

10 Fashion Trends To Kiss Goodbye To This Valentine’s Day!

While I’m glad there are caring kisses being stolen all around the world today, I have some unfortunate news. It’s time to blow a goodbye kiss to unflattering and overdone fashion trends, this Valentine’s day. I’m all for jumping on the newest trends in fashion, especially when your favourite celebrities and bloggers are rocking them. But over the last couple of years, there have been some that I’m just not okay with, and others… well, I’m just sick of seeing them spewed all over my Instagram feed. So even though, 2017 was a year of fast fashion and fleeting fads, and a lot of them have overstayed their welcome. A bunch of trends popped up in my mind, but here are the 10 that made it to the chopping block -

1. The Cold Shoulder

Exposed skin is coming back in a big way, from cleavage-baring bodices to backless beauties, and beyond. So, I guess it’s time to bid the cold-shoulder trend goodbye. And if you’re not in with all that skin show, going completely off-the-shoulder is more flattering and en vogue, this season.


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2. The Corset Everything

Popularised by the Kardashian clan back in 2016, this trend has been around for longer than anticipated. Worn by many a model and blogger over t-shirts, dresses, even shirts, corsets belong to an era long gone. Sorry, corsets, but… you’re fired, The Apprentice style.

3. The Bomber Jacket

Bittersweet farewell kiss, this one. Bomber jackets, you’ve been great, but it’s not your year. I’ve got nothing against the trend (in fact I’ve been its biggest supporter), it’s just that it’s run its course of time. Moreover, 2018 is going to be big on clean looks and sharp tailored silhouettes. So ditch frumpy jackets and silhouettes, invest in a structured cape or blazer.

4. The Fishnet + Jeans Look

If you’re on social media, you KNOW this trend needs to go. Like Kylie Jenner’s t-shirt says, you should be ‘like, realizing stuff’. Stuff like… how not one blogger on the entire planet has failed to post this look. Or how wearing fishnet stockings under your jeans is THE most uncomfortable shi* ever. Did someone say ‘wedgie’?


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5. The High-Low Hemline

Some call it the ‘mullet’ (after the least cool 80s style hairdo). We know it better as the ‘high low’. Whatever you call it, you’ve got to bury it now. One of the biggest contributors to the worst fashion moments on the red carpet (and of my life), the trend is not unlike a high-low haircut gone terribly wrong. This 80s hemline went out of fashion, along with leg warmers, crimped hair and other not-so-rad trends of the decade. I’m surprised it resurfaced at all. And even though it did, it’s time to send it on its way.


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6. The Destroyed-To-Death Jeans

 Ripped jeans are cool. Note my usage of the word ‘ripped’, not ‘ripped to shreds’. Lightly distressed jeans, jackets and skirts are 50% of my closet, but what justifies almost ruining a brilliant denim piece? When did this even become a trend? Say your goodbyes to the destroyed-to-death jeans. Remember girls, everything in moderation.


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7. The Pom Poms

Fun trims and details are essential to have in your wardrobe. They’re a breath of fresh air from all the basic whites and blacks you’re obsessed with. However, these colourful and fluffy little balls of thread need to be chucked. Mainly because every ‘boho’ look ever features at least one piece with cheery little pom poms. Be it gladiator sandals, scarves or earrings… they’re not welcome in my closet anymore.

8. All The Millennial Pink

‘*Dum dum dum* another one bites the dust’. 2017 was the year of the millennial pink, and I wasn’t complaining… and then it was everywhere I saw. There are other shades of pink, people. Although you might be kinda sad to see this one go, there’s a ton to be excited for - the Pantone colour of the year, Ultraviolet.


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9. The Lace-Up Neckline

Plunging lace-up necklines were THE it thing in 2016, and with good reason. They’re perfectly flattering, and a cool look for street style fashion, but I need to not see them for a while. Take your mind off these with good old plunging V-necks, they’re just as bold and a great style to bet on.

10. The Flatform Shoe

It breaks my heart to do this to anything worn by my girl Beyonce, but I’m renouncing flatforms. It’s not just that they failed the test of time, it’s also that they’re unbearably painful and there’s a chance you might fall on your face in them. So long, flatforms, I like wedges better! No kiss for you.

So with this last kiss, I bid thee well. Happy Kiss Day, y’all!