Why Does The Begum Wear Boots In Summer? We Have A Theory!

Why Does The Begum Wear Boots In Summer? We Have A Theory!

As the Fashion Editor at POPxo, it’s my job to incessantly scroll through Instagram accounts, fan pages and fashion grams of Bollywood celebrities and the likes. These work as magic talismans that lead us to trends, which are going to take over the market in the months to come. Or sometimes, just tells you what all the women are going to be wearing for your distant cousin’s wedding.

Helpful, either way.

Film promotions, airport sightings and movie sets. We absorb it all. But what really gets the gram going strong is a bunch of holiday and party posts! Put the two together, and you’ve got a magic potion that has our feed exploding with envy-inducing pictures and viral stories (yay 10k shares)!    

Cue in Amrita Arora’s recent birthday celebrations. With the OG girl gang and husbands in tow, on a private jet to Goa chartered by bestie Kareena (Kapoor Khan), it was everything we dream of and more. Amrita, who usually prefers to celebrate her birthday at an exotic location, with her husband Shakeel Ladak, chose to celebrate her big 40 closer to home in the company of her Bollywood besties. So after your average “Surprise! We got you a private plane”, the gang flew to Goa for some birthday revelry.           

If this narrative seems long, it’s only because it builds up to a question of national importance. That is, why is Kareena Kapoor Khan wearing boots in summer weather?



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Yes, much like Kareena’s previous great feats - becoming an impossible size zero, working while being pregnant and naming her child after a much-criticised conqueror. It is crucial to discuss and dissect this choice of footwear aka boots. So let the analysis begin.

Factors leading to our bewildered fashion state

1.The average temperature in Goa in January is 30°C in the day and 20°C at night, what we call mild summers. The kind where you walk barefoot with sand in your toes. 

2. Average outfits worn by her Bollywood contemporaries - Amrita in a flappy dress, Malaika in a halter dress, Karishma - a skirt over pants (a discussion for another day) and so forth.

Plausible causes for Bebo giving flip-flops a boot -

1. Hectic travel schedules are a part of Begum Bebo’s daily life, so you never know if she was flying in from, or to Gstaad. 

2. Kareena got cold feet.  

3. Her stylist decided to start a unique trend like salwars with t-shirts. Remember Jab We Met and the nation’s collective decision to dress like her?  

Adding to our dilemma, Bebo returned to the balmy temperatures of Bombay in a sweatshirt  ‘TIZZZZZ’ (a word meaning tizzy) and big black knee-high boots. Truly, leaving us in a tizzy!

Sadly, when contacted, Bebo was unavailable for comment but let us gently know in true Begum style that she doesn’t give a damn! Keep theorising folks!