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It's International Hug Day! Get Your Cuddle On This Valentine's Day With Super Soft Skin

I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves how damn soft a baby’s skin is. Now we can’t really turn back time and give you the skin you had when you were born, but with some effort, I promise you’ll get pretty close. And guess what, we’re right on time for International Hug Day! If you’re looking for ways to make those Valentine’s Day cuddles more fun, nothing better than soft, smooth skin. It’ll keep him running his hands over all the right places! *wink*. Now that we have your attention, here’s how you can turn back time and get baby soft skin.

The entire process is pretty easy, you just need to remember to exfoliate! Dead skin cells are the number one cause for dull, rough and uneven skin.

Here’s the recipe for cuddle-ready skin:

Step 1: Soak! Soak yourself in a nice warm bath if you have a bathtub. Don’t worry if you dont. Just take a nice hot shower. The steam from the hot water will open up your pores.

Step 2: Scrub! Use a good scrub and get scrubbing! Use a gentler scrub for your face though.

Step 3: Oil! Once you’re done sloughing those dead skin cells off, make sure you use a good body oil or any kind of moisturiser really. This will lock in the moisture and kickstart your skin into recovery mode.

Step 4: Snooze! My personal favourite step! Put on a comfy pair of jammies and call it a night. You’ll wake up to soft, as close as it gets to a baby's butt skin!

Here are some of our favourite products to make your hug day special!

Published on Feb 12, 2018
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