Sunday Best: 3 Easy Outfits To Wear Today & Repeat Tomorrow!

Sunday Best: 3 Easy Outfits To Wear Today & Repeat Tomorrow!

Waking up at 10 am. Having breakfast in bed. Taking a long bath. And heading out in your laziest best outfit ever - that’s what Sundays are all about. What if you could extend your Sunday by one day? It’ll make your Mondays happier and stylish! How you ask? Simple! We found a cheat sheet on how you can repeat outfits without looking as if you’ve given up on life. We’ve taken three Sunday outfits and how you can wear them on Monday with the smallest alterations. Transform yourself into a #BossLady effortlessly.

1. Blue Jeans - White Tee

Blue jeans - white t-shirt, the combination is anything but basic. You can wear it wherever you want, however you want. Just a tweak of accessories and you’re Monday-ready from last evening breezy look! Here’s how you can take this classic combination from Sunday to Monday.

1 outfit - blue jeans white shirt polyvore

Your regular blue jeans (Rs 2,699 by ONLY)  and white tee (Rs 349 by Marks & Spencer) can be worn with a chic boho necklace (we’re thinking tassels,) matching pink flats (Rs 1,499 by Forever 21) and a classy watch. Let the beach hair loose.

2 outfit - blue jeans white shirt polyvore

Ditch them flats for a pair of tall black heels (Rs 1,116 by Dorothy Perkins) and replace the necklace with a badass blazer (Rs 2,394 by Mango.) We now pronounce you Monday-ready! A slick high ponytail and a nude lipper for the win!

2. Black Tights - Oversized Shirt

This one’s basic but beyond. If you don’t own at least one pair of black tights in your wardrobe, do you even have a wardrobe? They’re as universal as the English language and as common as your roadside chai stall Let’s see how you can wear the staple black tights with an oversized shirt from twerk to work.

3 outfit - black tights and shirt polyvore

A loose-fitting longline shirt (Rs 960 by Shein) and black tights (Rs 1,079 by Vero Moda) can be paired with a quirky slim-strap backpack (Rs 896 by Shein) and bright coloured flats (Rs 1,799 by Forever 21.) Don’t forget your watch and a pout full of red.

4 outfit - black tights and shirt polyvore

Replace your bright flats with a pair of comfy wedges (Rs 949 by Mast & Harbour) and the backpack with a brown handbag. Wing your eyeliner, blush your cheeks a soft pink, et viola!

3. Shirt Dress

Ah! Shirt dresses. They give away a chic and casual vibe to your Sunday best, and just the right amount of elegance that you can pull-off at work. Find out how you can wear a crisp denim shirt dress in two completely different styles.

5 outfit - denim shirt dress polyvore

Got a bodycon dress? Don’t worry about the muffin top! Wear your shirt dress (Rs 679 by Roadster) over it like a shrug, unbutton it and cinch with a belt to create a boxier effect. Accessorize with tassel earrings and a cute sling bag. Wear sneakers to bring out the look.  

6 outfit - denim shirt dress polyvore

On Monday, all you need to do is wear your shirt dress as it is, replace your sneakers with a pair of brogues, and let a tote bag (Rs 1,990 by Zara) lead you to the #BossLady look. A messy bun would be cherry on the icing.

Well, what do you know, one less thing to worry about on Monday!