8 Tips To Help You Make Time For Each Other If You Both Have Hectic Work Schedules

8 Tips To Help You Make Time For Each Other If You Both Have Hectic Work Schedules

Do you hate it when your better half doesn't text you for hours? Have you ever missed a movie with your husband because of a meeting? If you have experienced any of these situations, then don’t worry, it is normal. Work can sometimes take up a huge part of your married life if you don’t schedule it well. But fret not, with proper communication and some understanding, finding that much needed ‘we time’ is possible. Here are some easy ways to make time for your husband even amidst busy work schedules. Read on...

1. Schedule a date night!

Just because you are married, doesn’t mean that all those cutesy date nights should be compromised.  Throw on your favourite dress and doll up for the night. Surprise him by making reservations at his favourite restaurant beforehand. We are sure he will love it.

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2. Put that phone down

Social media can be addictive, but for once, put that phone down! Try to have a ‘real conversation’ about life every night. This will help strengthen your bond more than ever. 

3. Go for impromptu vacays

Make the most out of weekends and public holidays. Surprise him with an impromptu vacation to a place of his dreams. If that is too far fetched, then a staycation in your city is always an option.

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4. Sweet nothings

Kiss for 15 seconds, or longer when you first see each other after work. If not that, even a small peck on the cheek or a warm hug is all he would need after a long day.

5. Be a part of his hobbies

Join him in one of his hobbies, even if it’s not something you enjoy much. For instance, if he loves watching a football game, then just sit next to him. Get on that popcorn and beer and just enjoy the time spent together.


6. Go for morning walks

If the gym is not your thing, then a 30 minutes morning walk is all you’d need to feel happier. It will keep you both motivated, committed and will also be quite a healthy start to the day. 

7. Take a short midnight drive

A short drive together will take all that stress and tiredness away. It can work wonders, especially if you live in a joint family and want to spend some time alone.

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8. Divide household chores

No matter how menial they might be, sharing it can make boring things like household chores a little more bearable. Oh also, the sooner you finish, the more time you get to snuggle in bed!

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