12 Ways To Hold On To Love In A Long Distance Marriage!

12 Ways To Hold On To Love In A Long Distance Marriage!

We can imagine that everything in this context is easier said than done. Being in a long distance marriage may come with its share of difficulties, but we know for a fact that it’s not impossible to sustain. Let’s take a look at some simple, effective yet romantic ways for you to keep loving boo no matter where he is. Seriously, damn those miles. They got nothing on you.

1. Let go of the self pity

Half the battle in this situation can be won by just convincing your own mind about the phase. You sure are in a unique situation but it doesn’t make your marriage any less special!


2. Don’t let people make you sad

Yes, some people have a tendency to give their two bits in general. So just make sure you don’t allow them to manipulate the conversation such that you’re always made to feel bad. Politely excuse yourself the next time they start pitying or annoying you!

3. Make the most of your life

You don’t need to feel guilty about being happy. There’s just physical distance between you and your man – it’s not the end of the world. Make sure you still have fun and indulge in work and play in equal measure.


4. Make the conversations count

We assume you would be coordinating your time with each other while connecting over the phone; make sure to make these conversations meaningful. Don’t be distracted. Regale him with stories from your day and ask him questions about his. Be vocal about how much you miss him!

5. Use social media to your advantage

We are so damn blessed to be living in a time of such awesome digital connectivity! There are so many ways that you can communicate with him. Make sure to put up sweet posts on Instagram, tag him in memes on Facebook, Snapchat when you’re missing him, and send him voice notes on Whatsapp. Use social media to let him know that you miss him everyday and are always thinking of him! Marriage is all about communication, after all!


6. What about intimacy?

Umm hello? There’s always phone sex and sexting! Don’t feel shy to get creative and keep the spark going. This is your husband we are talking about – there’s no need to be decent with him! Besides, this’ll keep you both going till you can meet again. And when you do, it’ll be super explosive, thanks to all the weeks of teasing!

7. Be an ace planner

You’ll have to be excellent in the planning department to figure when you both can see each other. Book tickets/take leaves months in advance to maximize your time and also stay within budget. Bonus points to you if you can surprise him. In fact, please do surprise him!  


8. Don’t lose faith

Obviously life is challenging when one’s partner is a million miles away but you’ve got to keep the faith. This is just a temporary situation. Your eyes need to be on the big picture!

9. Keep the humour

This will help you both inside and outside your marriage. If you can laugh at your plight then we are pretty sure you can get through anything in life.


10. Keep the small rituals going!

Just because your husband isn’t right in front of you, doesn’t mean you should stop calling him that nickname that he hates; or bar him from all the office gossip. Marriage is about these cute little moments and you definitely need to hold on to them!

11. Watch the same TV shows

Netflix is all over the world. Watch TV shows at the same time and discuss them after, just so you can feel connected. It’s a nice activity to indulge in together. So, even while you're miles apart, you will feel that you're more connected. Try and watch romantic shows, you'll love the experience!


12. Look forward…

No, literally. Look forward to the next time you and your husband will be in the same room. Dream about it everyday. What will you do then? Make elaborate plans. Think about it often and thoroughly... It’ll keep you and your marriage going, we promise!

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