Get Your Airport Look On Point After A Long-Haul Flight Just Like Your Favourite Celebs!

Get Your Airport Look On Point After A Long-Haul Flight Just Like Your Favourite Celebs!

Every year, I make it a point to travel to one place that’s close to my heart. Last year, it was Japan. It was an 8-hour long flight from Mumbai to Narita and I remember how tired my skin looked after landing. That’s when I realised the importance of practising a good skincare routine while travelling. It’s only natural that I looked to seek inspiration from our Bollywood stars. I am always intrigued by how they come out of the airport looking like a million bucks. Minimal make-up, fresh skin and tinted balms are the secret trifecta to perfection! Celebs are aware that long-haul flights can leave skin feeling dehydrated and dull. They prefer to keep it simple and focus on pampering their skin instead. If you want to look as polished as your fave star once you touchdown, we’re here to help! Here are 10 ways to make you look your best after a long, tiring flight. (You’re welcome!)

1. Serum First!

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Whether you apply a serum before boarding or during the flight, both are beneficial for your skin’s health. It helps prep your skin and applying a serum before moisturising helps lock in the moisture and will prevent your skin from drying out.

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2. BB Creams Are Rockstars

Caking your face with make-up while flying is not only terrible for your skin, but it can also lead to acne and greasiness after landing. Instead of using a thick-textured foundation, use a light BB or CC cream as your base. It keeps skin hydrated and it becomes easier for you to touch-up while landing.

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3. Face Masks Love Your Skin

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What better time to use a face mask than wearing one on the flight, right? Slap on a sheet mask that’s soaked in liquid goodness and take a nap. By the time that you reach your destination, you’ll have nourished, healthy and radiant skin.

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4. It’s Spray Time

One way to combat dehydrated skin mid-flight is to make use of a face mist. A hydrating face mist revives dull skin and also is great if you need to freshen up. Invest in products that contain moisturising qualities and plant-based ingredients as this will help improve the condition of dry and flaky skin.  

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5. Lip Tints For Instant Makeovers

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If you noticed, most of Kareena Kapoor’s airport beauty looks revolve around just one thing, a bright shade of red lipstick! She keeps the make-up on her face minimal and chooses a bright red pout. If red isn’t your colour, stick to a tinted lip balm. That way, your lips stay moisturised and look glam post your flight.  

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6. Eye Creams To The Rescue!

Due to the lack of oxygen on board, your skin faces the brunt of it. The higher the altitude, the more taxing it becomes for your skin. When this happens, wrinkles and fine lines can show up. Use an eye cream to protect the delicate layer of skin under the eyes. It’ll keep your skin cool and protect it from drying out.

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7. SPF Is A Life Saver

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Just because you’re on the plane, you still need SPF protection! Since most aircrafts do not have tinted windows, the rays of the sun can pass through the glass and damage your skin. Not to forget these LED lights can also be harmful to your skin if you’re a frequent traveller.

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8. Moisturise Away

Time and again, I can’t stress enough about how important it is to moisturise when you’re up in the clouds. For dry and flaky skin, moisturising your skin after every 45 minutes will make your skin soft, smooth and supple. It’s not just your skin that you must pay attention to, it's your lips as well. Apply a lip balm to heal chapped lips.

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9. Hand Creams Have Superpowers

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Hand creams are one of my favourite skincare products. I carry one in my bag every time I leave home. The best part about hand creams is that they’re multi-purpose. During a flight, I apply some of it on my hands and then on my neck. If I’m left with excess product, I rub some over my arms and elbows as they’re prone to dryness.

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10. Hydrate & Breathe  

Drink your way to pretty skin by chugging down a tall glass of water. Water keeps your skin moisturised, hydrated and glowing. Sipping on water every half an hour will make sure that you step off your flight looking like a million bucks. To stay alert and feel hydrated, avoid coffee and choose green tea instead.

You’re so ready for the paparazzi!

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