Flaunt Your Curves In Style - 7 Styling Tricks For The Curvy Bride-To-Be!

Flaunt Your Curves In Style - 7 Styling Tricks For The Curvy Bride-To-Be!

When you’re about to marry, you are even more conscious of the way you look. We all think about losing an extra inch or two before the wedding day. We probably look just fine and it’s not like our partners will love us more if there’s less of us, but still, call it wedding jitters, you can’t deny it happens. In case you’re in the same spot, and don’t have time or inclination to go to the gym, here are few ways to look fit and shapely at your wedding.

1. Pick the right lingerie

In a mad rush of finding the perfect wedding lehenga for yourself, you might often end up ignoring the basics. You know how bad lingerie can ruin your entire look! If you’re planning to wear a halter-neck choli, avoid strappy bras that will peek out of your blouse. Go for a tube one instead. If you are conscious of your thighs, don’t be afraid to wear spanx. We are with you, no shame, girl! You’ve been blessed with curves, you should be able to flaunt them as well as possible.

2. Say no to too much of bling!


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You don’t want your jewellery to take over your entire look. Too much of it can be visually overwhelming. Instead, opt for minimal jewellery that is simple yet elegant.

3. Choose the right fabric

Fabrics like satin, georgette, crepe or even pure silk work best for curvy brides. For that matter, anything that’s lightweight will make you look slimmer. Avoid fabrics like chiffon and lycra as they stick to your skin, making you appear larger than you are.

4. Be careful with your necklines


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Deep plunging necklines are a big no-no! V-shaped and square necklines usually work best for curvy brides. Also, avoid boat necks if you have large shoulders, as they’ll only accentuate them further.

5. Be smart about colours and prints

High-contrast colours and large prints make it hard to create a distinct shape for the body. Opt for dark colours like plums and black instead and definitely don’t be afraid to wear pastels, they all are great choices when you want to define your silhouette.

6. Don’t get caught up with mermaid cuts!

Fish-cut lehengas tend to highlight your curves. A-line or umbrella cut lehengas and high-waist cuts create a more flattering shape, and bring attention to your best features.

7. Skip the chokers!

Everybody loves chokers, but they don’t really work for every body type. If you need a sense of visual height, go for long-neck pieces that are more versatile with wedding outfits.