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16 Things That Make Jeera The Wonder Seed For Your Health!

16 Things That Make Jeera The Wonder Seed For Your Health!

We are pretty sure that whoever said that big things come in small packages was talking about cumin seeds. Cumin, commonly known as jeera, is a wonder spice that has an insane reputation, in terms of health benefits, that precedes it. A great source of energy, rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs and fibre, cumin seems to have it all. From shunning those awful menstrual cramps to keeping the skin naturally glowing, cumin seeds provide a wide host of health benefits. And let's not forget its ability to help fight the common cold, asthma, gastric problems, iron deficiency and anaemia. Don’t believe us, read for yourself the health benefits of cumin seeds and stand convinced.

1. Boost your immunity

A rich source of iron and fibre, including cumin in your daily diet, helps in boosting immunity levels and fighting illnesses.

2. Feel young forever with its insane anti-ageing properties

With its antioxidants and anti-ageing properties, cumin helps to fight radicals that cause ageing. Apart from preventing premature ageing, it also helps get rid of acne due to its antibacterial properties.

3. Say hello to a long sexy mane

Your hair is your crowning glory, literally! By including cumin seeds as a part of your diet, you can make sure that you’ll soon be flaunting long, lustrous, (and super enviable) tresses.

4. Fight iron deficiencies and anaemia

Iron deficiencies and anaemia can be quite a troubling health issue. The iron content in cumin seeds plays a vital role in fighting iron deficiencies and anaemia, making sure that your nails are strong and skin is glowing.

5. Regulates your menstrual cycle

Consuming cumin not just helps in maintaining regular period cycles but also reduces menstrual cramps and bloating on account of its anti-inflammatory properties. Well, that sounds like a win-win, doesn’t it?

5 health benefits of cumin

6. Give some TLC to your skin

Daydreaming about having the 'it' girl glow on your face? Rich in nutrients like potassium, calcium, copper and manganese, cumin water when consumed with turmeric is the wonder spice that you need for rejuvenating, soft and glowing skin.

7. Enjoy the benefits of improved digestion

Cumin water helps achieve benefits of improved digestion with its stimulator properties that allow the enzymes to efficiently break down food. From primary digestion to complete digestion, cumin plays a vital role in ensuring both, thereby maintaining good digestive health and appetite.

8. Experience no more gastric issues and tummy aches

Cumin is exceptionally beneficial for tummy aches and digestion problems like gas, making it a boon for people who are prone to gastric issues. Studies also show that cumin is especially good for preventing cancers like that of the colon.

9. Helps fight asthma

One of the most well-known benefits of cumin is its property of easing out the mucus in the chest and thus aids fight respiratory problems like asthma and bronchitis. Given the high pollution levels, it makes sense to consumer cumin daily to keep respiratory issues at bay.

10. Say bye-bye to dandruff

White dandruff flakes in the hair and scalp is a huge menace for us all. Cumin oil extracts, when massaged onto the scalp or applied through scalp treatments act as a great stimulant in getting rid of dandruff.

10 health benefits of cumin

11. Achieve lower blood sugar levels

Among the many benefits of cumin seeds, is also lowering blood sugar levels and ensuring that a smooth flow of blood is maintained. The potassium content in cumin is what regulates blood pressure. In fact, cumin is considered especially very healthy for those suffering from diabetes. Cumin helps battle the disease by reducing the chances of hypoglycaemia.

12. Treat your hair loss problems

Black cumin is the magic ingredient in your diet that can help combat hair thinning and loss. Not just that, it promotes hair growth and is an all-natural way to nourish your hair roots and fight hair loss!

13. Feel super energetic and charged

If one is feeling lethargic and low, then sipping a glass of cumin water has the potential to leave you feeling very energised by hiking your metabolic rate.

14. Kickback and take a snooze

Due to its nature of being a stimulant and a relaxant at the same time, cumin essential oils help in easing digestion and inducing sound sleep through its effect of reducing stress and anxiety.

15. Fight common cold

Common cold can often cause havoc in our daily lives and one great way to fight it is by consuming cumin. This spice suppresses coughing, dries up the chest mucus and helps fight the common cold with its vitamin C content.

15 health benefits of cumin

16. Treat painful boils

Consuming cumin on a regular basis lowers the occurrence of boils, pimples and rashes on the body. Its detoxifying properties help in ensuring that toxins leave the body via the excretory system rather than through boils and other unhealthy painful outlets on the body.

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Published on Feb 13, 2018
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