#HeSays: 7 Reasons We Love To See Our Girlfriends Striptease!

#HeSays: 7 Reasons We Love To See Our Girlfriends Striptease!

Guys are really easy to understand in the bedroom. We love all things sexy and forbidden. From lingerie to having sex in taboo places, we are on-board with all that kinky stuff. Sex, after all, should be far from boring. But, if we're being totally honest, there is something so irresistible about watching you strip that it's right on (or near) the top of our list of sexual fantasies. The music, the lingerie and, of course, your moves are all a little too much to resist! So here are 7 reasons we love to watch our girlfriends do a little striptease for us!

1. You're the good girl gone bad...

...but only for us! You start stripping and suddenly we don't see you as the innocent girl we fell in love with. Now you're a bad, bad girl who needs a good spanking.

1 striptease

2. The excitement of it all!

When we're sitting here, watching you slowly strip down, our enthusiasm (and libido) suddenly shoots through the roof. We're not allowed to touch you and now you're the forbidden fruit we want to devour!

3. The lights and the music get us going 

You might think that the dim lights and the sultry music do nothing for us but know that you're wrong. They turn us on just as much. And watching you move with those twists and turns just drives us crazy. 

4. We're always up for a little role play

I'm not myself anymore and neither are you. You're a seductress out to tempt me and I'm this poor, lost boy who doesn't really know what he's doing anymore. Just the way we like it!

4 striptease

5. That sexy, sexy lingerie

As soon as you put on those stockings with the high heels, we cannot help but drool. Please do it more often?

6. All we have to do is NOTHING!

No, don't get us wrong. We love doing all the things that get you pleasure and putting in a little extra effort but it doesn't hurt to sit back and watch you take charge of the situation either!

7. The end is too tempting!

The truth of the matter, essentially, is that we'll get to see you naked. While we TOTALLY dig the journey, the destination is just as thrilling! Nothing beats sex now, does it?

7 striptease

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