Turns Out 'Pyaar Ek Dhoka (Nahi) Hai' Because Gursimran Khamba Is Getting Married!

Turns Out 'Pyaar Ek Dhoka (Nahi) Hai' Because Gursimran Khamba Is Getting Married!

Remember the Facebook event that got viral more than Priya Prakash Varrier's wink? The same that the folks at AIB had started about shouting "Pyaar ek dhoka hai" in Mumbai! That's the one. This event may have spread among all the millennials like wildfire, but we have bigger news for you. Gursimran Khamba is getting married and Tanmay Bhat and Rohan Joshi just can't keep calm! Here are some crazy pictures (and videos) from the mehendi ceremony that happened yesterday.

1 gursimran khamba wedding - tanmay bhatt 

2 gursimran khamba wedding - rohan joshi tanmay bhatt aib


HEY @gursimrankhamba WE HERE LET’S DO THIS #kokikhamba

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The shaadi is actually today. Some pictures from yesterday #kokikhamba

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5 gursimran khamba wedding - tanmay bhatt at mehendi

Looks like a fun AIB video doesn't it? Wait, until you see this video of Tanmay and Rohan playing a fun little game with Gursimran and his would-wife Ismeet Kohli.

And this...

That moment when the days of roasting celebrities comes back and bites you in the ass. But seriously, we wish we too were a part of this beautiful mehendi ceremony. Her are some exclusive pictures of the couple.

8 gursimran khamba wedding - gursimran khamba ismeet kohli

9 gursimran khamba wedding - ismeet kohli

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Friends, relatives and family members shared more pictures from Khamba's mehendi and haldi ceremony. And they are as real and beautiful as a Karan Johar movie celebration.

11 gursimran khamba wedding - mehendi decor

Like all weddings these days, this one also has a hashtag - #KokiKhamba!


#kokikhamba celebrations begin 😍💃

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While we look into who the "mystery girl" Ismeet Kohli is, how about you swoon some more over the pictures from yesterday? After all, you'll need to prepare yourself for the next set of crazy as the wedding is happening right now! Wonder what Tanmay and Rohan have planned for the big night...