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Get A Green Beauty Fix With Blossom Kochhar White Tea & Chamomile Face Wash

Get A Green Beauty Fix With Blossom Kochhar White Tea & Chamomile Face Wash

A quiet revolution that started 20 years ago in the world of beauty has gained huge momentum in the last couple of years. Just like clean eating, more and more of us are going back to our roots for natural beauty fixes. And it’s not just us, leading brands are steering away from sulfates, parabens and phthalates. If your skin needs a break from all these chemicals, I suggest you go green with Blossom Kochhar’s White Tea & Chamomile Face Wash.

Au Naturale

A lot of us are sensitive to artificial colours and fragrances and often see our face reacting to many products. The Blossom Kochhar White Tea & Chamomile Face Wash is ideal for those of us with sensitive skin. It is also free of alcohol, parabens and soap, making it one of the mildest cleansers available in the market. Ingredients like white tea and soy milk extract deep cleanse your pores after a long day at work. Of course, the hero ingredient in this genteel facewash is chamomile essential oil, an absolute godsend for sensitive skin.

Blossom Kochhar White Tea and Chamomile Face Wash

Spill-Proof Packaging

Blossom Kochhar White Tea & Chamomile Face Wash comes in a regular tube format with a spill proof cap. You can carry it with you on hot summer days or stash it in your suitcase when skipping town.

shutterstock 660492694

Get Clear Skin

Here are a few ways to make most of this face wash.

1. I’m a big believer of the CTM regime. So start your day on a fresh note. Take a pea-sized amount of Blossom Kochhar White Tea & Chamomile Face Wash onto your palms and massage it on your face and neck. Tone, moisturise and only then head to make-up.

2. Wash your face at the end of the day with the Blossom Kochhar White Tea & Chamomile Face Wash. Apply a sheet mask and binge watch Netflix to make the most of your midweek pamper sesh!

3. If you’re prone to redness or are about to break out, we would definitely urge you to give this facewash a go. Chamomile helps soothe irritated skin and minimises the onset of pimples.

Feel the difference this wonderfully genteel facewash makes when you buy the POPxo Beauty Box.

The POPxo Beauty Box also includes:

1.Blossom Kochhar White Tea & Chamomile Face Wash (MRP Rs. 77)

2.Organic Harvest Pomegranate Lip Balm (MRP Rs. 199)

3.Souhait Essentials Flawless Face Oil (MRP Rs. 350)

4.MyGlamm Beauty Blender (MRP Rs. 950)

5.Colorbar Fruit Drop Hydrating Hand Cream

6.Blossom Kochhar Voucher (20% Off on purchase above Rs. 799)

7.Marks & Spencer Voucher (Rs. 500 Off on purchase above Rs. 2,500)

This post is in association with ePOPxo.

Published on Feb 1, 2018
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