Funny Yet Awkward Moments Couples Experience In The First Week Of Their Marriage

Funny Yet Awkward Moments Couples Experience In The First Week Of Their Marriage

Congratulations! After a long celebration, lots of dance and crazy times, you are finally married! Your life is going to change in more ways than one and we all know how difficult it is to make that transition. As you gradually get used to conjugal life, there will be some funny yet super awkward moments that you might face in the first week or so. We list some such instances to help prepare you in advance and help you get closer to marital bliss.

1. When everybody just assumes you were having sex the previous night...

They give you those weird smiles like they know what you were upto... even though you could be have been sleeping like a horse thanks to sheer tiredness! The wedding night is highly overrated and I’m sure all you married people will agree with me on this!

2. When you and hubby are getting handsy and somebody walks in...

We get it, it’s difficult for you and your hubby too keep your hands off each other. There might be moments when you two will be just fooling around and somebody walks in on you. And boy, that is embarrassing!

2 awkward

3. When some kid asks you ‘what’ you’re going to do on your honeymoon, and all you can do is laugh it off!

What are you supposed to tell them, right?

4. When your relatives ask you when you’ll give them the next khushkhabri...

And all you can think is “Calm down people! We just got married a couple of days ago.. We can’t, really!” But instead of saying this, you just smile and try to ignore their question.

4 awkward moments

5. Making loud noises while having sex and realizing later that you are not the only people in the house...

Imagine the horror - while you were having a great night, other people in the house were putting in earplugs to block out the noises. Damn those thin walls!

6. When you accidentally call your in-laws ‘uncle and aunty’ by mistake...

In all honestly, it takes time to get used to anything new after marriage. So, in the initial few days, you tend to call them ‘aunty’ and ‘uncle’ a couple of times, which can get very awkward.

6 awkward moments

7. Lingerie scattered across the room when people walk in suddenly...

Being a girl, I know how relieving it is to take off my bra when I am ready to hit bed. But it becomes super awkward when somebody walks into the room and sees it sprawled across the edge of the bed. No, not a good sight.

8. When you forget where you are and call each other pet names in front of everybody…

It sounds funny and it does make for a good laugh for everybody else, but it can make you blush for a bit.

8 awkward moments

These are some awkward things that can happen during the first week of the wedding. Got any more to add to the list?

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