Fashion Palmistry: The Basic White Shirt Reveals Your True Personality!

Fashion Palmistry: The Basic White Shirt Reveals Your True Personality!

We decided to put the versatility of a classic white shirt to the test, and trust us, the fashion gurus are not kidding when they say it is incredibly so! But don’t take our word for it. Read on and we’ll show you, how different women adopt the white shirt to match their style and personality.

The Wanna Be Rapper

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If you were wondering who Shawty is (you know, the girl all rappers seem to be obsessed with) it’s this girl. She swears by sweatpants, but not the comfortable ones you lounge in at home. Think tight, like really tight. She’s got an ass and she’s not afraid to show it off. She worships Cardi B and is the epitome of sass. She has more snapbacks than Apple has emojis. If she’s wearing a white shirt, it better be oversized, and she’ll die before she wears a buttoned-up ANYTHING.     

Fashion Muse: Rihanna, all day, err day    

The Luxe Hippie

white shirt small

Before you tell us that that’s an oxymoron, because how in the world could a hippie be luxe? Aren’t they supposed to despise capitalism and everything luxe by definition? Well, this girl has managed to find a balance. Copy the look, not the lifestyle. Is there anything so wrong with that? She’ll happily pair her thrifted pants (which she bought for a steal in Marrakech on holiday) with her Saint Laurent boots, and her white shirt is worn knot front with a lace bralette.
Of course, the irony of a hippie look ultimately being consumed as a product in itself will not escape you, but the fashion industry has been doing it for decades. Besides, this girl is a hippie for now. Who knows what she will be next week? That’s the beauty of being a millennial.

Fashion Muse: Zeenat Amaan from Heera Panna

The Saree Samaritan

palazzo saree small

If you’re in town and you want the best deals on shopping, look no further than this one. She knows where the best stores and the best prices are. She’s memorised the roadmap of Sarojini (“no, no don’t go to GK, it’s too expensive and you get the same stuff in Sarojini anyway”) Her go-to outfit? A kurti for when she’s out and about, and a saree for the PM. She’s grateful for the constant reinterpretation of the saree because it makes it more accessible to young girls that don’t have the time or the skill to wear a traditional one, especially ‘coz she’s one of them. 

Fashion Muse: Shilpa Shetty   

The Work Bitch

black white monochrome small

If you ask her how many white shirts and black trousers she has, you will not get an answer. Probably because she is too busy attending a work call to reply to inane questions. If you’re lucky and happen to catch her on a break, she will tell you that she doesn’t really have the time to count but ”there are just soooo many”. She will add that she probably wears the same thing every day without even realising it. Don’t buy into that. She knows exactly what she’s wearing, it’s all part of a carefully curated image.
She varies the silhouette and the cuts but you know the thing that’s constant? The quality. Sometimes, she’ll swap the monochrome for neutrals. Don’t get us wrong. She is not averse to colour, she is just very disciplined about her work, and having a uniform of sorts helps her.  

Fashion Muse: Sandra Bullock from The Proposal

The Student Of The Year  

harry potter small

“What do you mean are these glasses prescription? Why would anyone wear them otherwise?” She’ll ask indignantly if you dare to assume if hers is a “look” she’s trying to pull off. Of course not! She got glasses when she was all of 12. Staying up and reading in the torchlight after lights out will do that to a girl. As for her outfit, it’s what her school uniform was, once she finished she just stuck to it. Her mind has more important things to figure out than what to wear every morning. Before you tell her this concept of freeing up the brain this way is not entirely alien to the fashion community, master couturier Christian Dior used to live by it, she will tell you that she already knows. She has read all about it, thank you very much!    

Fashion Muse: Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series