It's Knot Easy: 6 Creative Ways To Tie Your Hair Up Without A Hair Tie!

It's Knot Easy: 6 Creative Ways To Tie Your Hair Up Without A Hair Tie!

9 out of 10 days I prefer to have my hair out of my face, and tied up in a messy bun. Isn't it ironic how every single time when you're having a particularly hard day that precious hair tie around your wrist goes missing...or worse, breaks! What do you do in moments like these? Do you just let your hair hang loose? I'm not particularly great at styling my hair so I LOVE easy hairstyling hacks that require zero skill and effort.

I recently stumbled across an interesting video that had a bunch of hair hacks. My favourite ones were those that took my hair out of my face, obviously! So, how to tie up your hair without a hair tie, you ask?

Here are 6 hairstyles that don't require a hair tie! You're welcome, ladies!

1. Braids


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A messy braid loosely secured with the ends of your hair looks effortless and fun. If you have long hair, the tighter you braid, the longer your hair will stay in place without a hair tie. If you have really long hair, you can braid it and then wrap the braid into a messy bun. And if you've got pro level braiding skills, you can rock a fishtail braid.

Pro tip: While braiding your hair don't pull the ends through, they will automatically form a hair tie when you reach the end of your braid.

2. Twists


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While a hair twist is not exactly the best way to keep your tied up securely, it works to keep your hair out of your face. To get this look, twist your hair up into a coil and pull the end through the centre. This will create a low, messy bun that will keep you hair-free for a while at least!

3. Chopsticks or good ol' pens


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Didn't this take you right back to 2001?! Pick up a pen, a chopstick or hey even an eyeliner pencil. Twist your hair up into a messy bun and secure it with one of these tools. It's perfect and gives you an effortlessly chic' look!

4. A ribbon, a scarf, strings, lace, a choker neckpiece - get creative


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Any piece that can be tied up and secured in place works. If you've got a ribbon handy, that looks the cutest. Even a shoelace, a string or a choker works to tie up your hair. I've used my choker to braid and secure my hair and it worked perfectly all day! 

5. The double knot 


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Part your hair down the centre, or the side and split it into two parts. Make a knot, similar to the one you make while tying your shoelaces. Make another knot to keep things secure, and that's it. If you don't want to tie up all of your hair, you can even use this hack to tie up the hair from your crown area. There you have it, two stunning red-carpet inspired messy hairdos, without using a hair tie! 

6. The messy bun


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The messy bun is the easiest, most customisable hairstyle ever. Just wrap your hair around itself and find some loose ends to secure it with! This one is the easiest to create and my daily go-to hairstyle.

One of my favourite hair hacks is to buy rubber bands, or hair ties in bulk and stash them everywhere! I suffer the aftermath of forgetting, losing or breaking a hair tie so often that I've started to stash one in every corner of my car, bag, wallet, make-up pouch and office drawer.