Team POPxo Confesses The REAL Amount Of Money They Spend On Beauty Products In A Month

Team POPxo Confesses The REAL Amount Of Money They Spend On Beauty Products In A Month

Ladies, let’s be honesteach one of us is guilty of having a pet splurge. Be it perfumes, clothes, bags, kitchen, or baking items, there are some things that make us throw caution to the wind and mess up our budget as a result.

This post is a coming-out-clean sort of exercise for all make-up addicts at POPxo. And, these confessions are also an act of solidarity. We’re saying this to you, as we are to each other, that you’re not the only one spending all her moolah on lipsticks, blushes and BB creams. We’re all in this together.

Now the curtain raiser: This is the amount make-up addicts here at POPxo spend on a monthly basis on beauty and skincare and the products they bring back home. So, get all your bills out and compare notes.

1. Rs 5,000 Per Month

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“Okay, not that I’m very proud of it, but I actually do spend a huge chunk of money on make-up and beauty products every month, say around Rs 5,000. But that isn’t even the main problem. The issue is that I’m a hoarder; I buy stuff worth thousands of rupees every month and still go out wearing JUST a BB cream, a lip balm and an eyeliner (the eyeliner too is a once a week sort of thing). And, do you want to know something else that is not so cool? I have eight lip balms, ranging from Rs 50 to Rs 1,500, but I only and only apply Maybelline’s Baby Lips Lip Balm. That’s just sad, come on!” - Manvi Malhotra, Senior Wedding Writer

2. Rs 5,000 - 6,000 Every Few Months

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“I don’t buy make-up on a monthly basis. I believe in investing in good quality make-up products that last me a couple of months. I do spend on newly-launched lip colours or a kajal pencil if need be, but that’s about it. My main make-up haul is every three to four months which can set me back by five to six thousand. On a monthly basis, unless I’ve taken a fancy to an M.A.C lipstick, I never spend more than a few hundreds.” - Manasvi Jaitly, Wedding Editor

3. Rs 5,000 - Rs 7,000 Per Month

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“In all honesty, most of my ‘make-up’ money is spent on lipsticks. I am a sucker for lip colours and sometimes end up buying the same shade from all brands. This doesn’t happen as much per month as it does once every three to four months. However, a major chunk of my beauty expenditure monthly actually goes into buying skincare products: I am a fiend for masks, moisturisers, serums and lip balms. So, I buy at least two new lip balms and keep changing my masks and moisturisers every month. I would say a north of about five to seven thousand is spent on skincare. But c’mon, that’s just making my skin better so I don’t have to use make-up. RIGHT? Right!” - Kannagi Desai, Junior Beauty Editor

4. Rs 3,000 - 5,000 Per Month

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“A hoarder of sorts, I love collecting make-up especially if the packaging is adorable. While the heavy expenditure on things like foundation and setting powder happens once every three months or so, I end up buying lipsticks and eyeliners every month. Also, I have acne prone skin, so in my quest for the perfect skincare routine, I end up spending anywhere between Rs 3,000 and 5,000 on those products. Add a couple of thousands on lipsticks and the little things and I’m about done. Not too bad, I must say!” *heavy sighing* - Srishti Gupta, Senior Lifestyle Writer

5. Rs 500 - Rs 2,500 Per Month

5 make up

I wasn’t really a make-up addict until recently, and when make-up became a passion I started hoarding everything from foundations to contour kits to eyeshadow palettes, and most of all LIPSTICKS! Although it’s not a monthly ritual, I do end up buying at least one product per month spending anywhere between Rs 500 and Rs 2,500. The sad part is that so many of these products lie unused and I eventually have to discard them. So, a lesson to myself would be to choose wisely so that I spend on make-up that I actually use. This confession is quite a reality check for me.” - Arushi Sakhuja, Editorial Coordinator

6. Rs 3,000 - 5,000 Per Month

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I was never a make-up person and my go-to make-up products as a teenager were a kajal and a lip-gloss. However, over a period of time it changed and now I can call myself a make-up hoarder with a bag full of lipsticks and all things make-up. I spend a lot of money on highlighters and lipsticks, and I think it’s safe to say that I have them allfrom a simple lipstick worth Rs 150 to a Christian Louboutin colour worth almost Rs 5,000. My make-up kit is growing each day and I am really not sorry. I like my money where I can see it, on my make-up counter. And I wouldn’t have it any other way! - Krithika Kumar, Senior Features Writer

7. Rs 12,000 Spent Last December!

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I have a serious problem with online shopping. Sometimes, I don’t even realise that I have the product already and end up buying it again! My addiction to make-up began in college with a M.A.C foundation and escalated QUICKLY! Now, I have phases, some months I’ll OD on foundations, other months it’ll be highlighters. It has come to a point where I tend to apply make-up on a daily basis ONLY so I can actually use it up. I prefer shopping from the U.S. Sephora websitethey’ve got the cutest stuff. To be really honest, I’m a sucker for the mini kits, the little samples and freebies they throw in! I’ve spent about Rs 12,000 shopping for make-up in December. Sorry, not sorry? I should be, right? I think it’ll kick in the day the credit card payment goes through! - Nidhi Kavle, Senior Beauty Writer

8. Rs 5,000 - 6,000 Per Month

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Every month I stock up on my make-up essentials: foundation, compact and primer. I am a huge fan of Sephora’s Brightening and Hydrating Foundation (Rs 1,690) as its easily blendable and gives a flawless finish. On days when I am late for work, I love wearing Body Shop’s All-In-One Face Base (Rs 1,190) as it has a compact powder and foundation in one package and gives a nice velvety finish. Instead of using a primer, I use Clinique’s Moisture Surge as a primer and a night cream (Rs 2,050) because it provides the perfect coverage and a healthy dose of moisture. So, my monthly expense on my make-up essentials somewhere around Rs 5,000-6,000. I believe in investing in quality make-up products and that’s the rule I live by. - Vatsala Devki Vats, Branded Content Writer

Well, now you know you aren’t the only one! Was this a reality check or are you headed for a shopping spree now?