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The Chocolate Lovers’ Guide To Having Sex On Chocolate Day

The Chocolate Lovers’ Guide To Having Sex On Chocolate Day

It’s Valentine’s Week, and while you may not care for occasions such as Rose Day, Propose Day, or even Teddy Day, there’s one day of this enchanting week that you really can’t resist even if you wanted to: Chocolate Day!

I could write poetry and weave stories about how love and chocolate make the best couple ever. But if you disagree, riddle me this: how did chocolate make its way into being one of the best aphrodisiacs, ever?

So, on the occasion of this blessed day that gives us the freedom to wolf down as much chocolate as we’d love to, without being judged for it, here’s a little something to help you lovers explore the sizzling chemistry between chocolate and sex.

1. Paint a masterpiece!

  • Get a bowl of melted chocolate. Once it’s been cooled to a lukewarm temperature and both your clothes are off.

  • Ask your partner to stand still as a canvas.

  • Dip a thick (but soft) paintbrush into the melted chocolate and slowly proceed to paint your partner’s body, letting the bristles stroke their erogenous zones.

  • Pro tip: Go for the soft spot between the collarbones, the nape, and the earlobes, demanding them to stay still as you finish your masterpiece.

  • Bonus points if either of you makes it to the end!

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2. Ice and fire

  • Get your partner to lie down on the floor and blindfold them.

  • Take a scoop of vanilla ice cream and gently place it on their torso.

  • Just when he's getting cold and tingly, take some melted chocolate sauce (ideally a little warmer than just lukewarm) and pour it over the ice cream and the skin around it.

  • The quick change in temperature will have them shuddering with arousal, only to have you eat the ice cream off of them, taking their excitement to new heights!

  • Make him do the same to you, and maybe give your boobs a little taste? *wink*

3. Hide and Seek

You’ll need four things to make this happen: chocolate, scarves, blindfolds, and a whole lot of self-control!

  • Get yourself a bar of your favourite chocolate, preferably one that can be broken into smaller pieces with ease.

  • Blindfold your partner with their arms bound tightly behind them with scarves.

  • Strip down completely and lie down.

  • Break little chunks of chocolate and place them on different parts of your body. You can use your ENTIRE body, if you know what I mean. ;)

  • Now ask your partner to find all the chocolate pieces on your body, using nothing but their mouth. 

If you’re brave enough, you can ask them to nibble and suck on the chocolate in all the different spots too. Whatever turns you on the most!

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4. Slow and steady

Ingredients for the naughty deed: one sizeable cold bar of chocolate, and a whole lot of sweet patience

  • Unwrap the entire frozen bar at once

  • Have your partner hold the chocolate between their teeth on one end of the bar

  • Do the same on the other end of the bar, so that you’re both now holding the chocolate bar with just your teeth

  • The objective is to suck and lick your way to each other through the bar of chocolate until the chocolate is all gone!

  • No biting, no nibbling, no chomping. Take your time, and suck your way to each other. Even if that means you’re left with a tiny piece of chocolate and fighting for it using just your mouth, is the only way to win!

Here’s to the naughtiest Chocolate Day ever!

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