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Go Blemish Free With These Serums That ACTUALLY Fade Acne Scars

Dark spots, pigmentation and blemishes can be stubborn, but with time, and the right skincare routine, you can get rid of them. Vitamin C and SPF are your best friends when it comes to healing and eliminating acne scarring effectively. Find products and a regime that works for you and STICK to it! If you’ve already suffered from a bout of acne, the scarring and blemishes will take a while to fade. My skin still hasn't completely healed yet.

From time to time, I like to give my skincare a boost by using some targeted spot correctors. We’ve listed down some of the best spot correcting serums you can use before you apply your moisturiser to give your skin a brighter, spot free luminous glow. Check em’ out!

PS: Ensure you use these serums before you moisturise and give then 5-10 mins to sink in before applying a moisturiser. And always apply an SPF during the day, it will ensure that the sun won’t cause any more darkening to the blemishes, spots and pigmented patches.

Published on Feb 9, 2018
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