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‘Coz Matte Is Right: 8 Fabulous Foundations For Oily Skin

Sometimes, it can get tricky to buy make-up for those of us with combination or oily skin. You want to try out new products but are afraid of your skin looking too oily, or worse breaking out. There is a delicate balance that needs to be maintained and therefore, it is imperative that you understand your skin type. Even if it’s an oily T-zone, chin or just oily eyelids (yes, that’s a thing), a great foundation is your best bet. Get something too cakey and it might block your pores causing more oil secretion. Get a sheer foundation, and it might not give you the coverage you are looking for. The trick here is to pick a buildable foundation that lets your skin breathe.

Before we get to our recommendations, let’s talk about a few make-up tips and hacks that you must keep in mind for oily skin.

Toner is a must.

We keep talking about having a CTM routine but most of us usually end up missing the toner step. But when you have oily skin, the toner acts as a double cleanser. Once you cleanse and dry your face, a toner helps get rid of the sebum and oil, giving you a clear base.

Primer is important.

Again, talking about missing steps, if you have oily skin, you can’t miss this one. A mattifying primer temporarily minimises the appearance of pores and gives you an empty canvas to paint on.

There is too much when it comes to coverage.

Caking the make-up on too much or using a heavy foundation does not let your skin breathe and that in turn makes your pores produce more oil. Clogged pores can also redden skin and as a result, cause breakouts.

Powder is your best friend.

Setting every step of your make-up even if it is minimal is imperative. Powder soaks up a lot of the extra oil so it helps keep your make-up on a little longer.

Stash blotting sheets in your bag.

Tissues rub the make-up off, and then you’d have to lug around all your make-up. Blotting sheets are perfect saviours, they don’t take too much room and are a godsend for women with oily skin. Just dab and move on.

Avoid cream based make-up.

Steer clear of cream blushes and highlighters. They tend to pile on the shine and moisture that you already have enough of.

Well now with these tricks up in your arsenal, here are the best foundations for oily skin!

Which one is THE ONE for you?

Published on Feb 26, 2018
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