Let Your Zodiac Guide Your Make-Up Game This Season!

Let Your Zodiac Guide Your Make-Up Game This Season!

A sun sign determines your personality traits. Fiery or calm; impulsive or practical; creative or analytical—we have realised that a lot depends on the stars. So, we have factored in the role of the universe and evaluated your make-up preferences for some divine intervention.

Ahead, we describe how to achieve different looks according to your personality traits and suggest make-up products to get you started. So, up your beauty game and show your true colours (literally)!

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The Impulsive Aries

On your whims and fancies!

Zodiac 1

Aries is ruled by the passion planet Mars that makes you gravitate towards the fiery colour of passion, red. Think bright red eye makeup, lipsticks, nails and blushing cheeks. With a blend of bold red and candy pink lip colours, you put your best lip forward, very confidently. For an extra impact, wear red-hot nail paint.

The Independent Taurus

Rooted to your dreams.

zodiac 2
Say individualistic, and you think of a Taurean. Make-up looks that feature earthy hues are the best to complement your confidence and self-sufficiency. Influenced by the element of earth, brown eye shadows are a perfect fit for you. The best part? You don’t have to worry about constant touch-ups.

The Multi-Faceted Gemini

They say it, you ace it.

Zodiac 3

Driven by curiosity and intelligence, you can balance a cat-eye make-up as well as you can slay an inverted eyeliner. Your mind is always thinking of new ways to do things, and that’s why you are always radiating with excitement. Ombre lip colour? Go ahead, nail that, too.

The Coy Cancer

With a tender smile and a loving heart.

zodiac 4

You’re a hopeless romantic. The moon makes you loving and emotional, and people can count on you to always be loyal. Soft colours complement your personality the best, so go for the simple way and intensify your beauty by adding gloss. Your imagination knows no bounds, with lip colour that shines like your world of fantasy.

The Proud Leo

Your biggest strength is you.

zodiac 5

Your sharp focus on your dreams is clearly visible by the way you apply your eyeliner. Always in the mode to make the best out of every situation, you can wear royalty with a stroke of pride to match your charisma. Love it gold? Dig into it by adding glitter to your eyes. Ruled by the fire element, you are always fierce, so set a bold style statement with every make-up.

The Shy Virgo

Perfection is your favourite word.

zodiac 6

With your shy personality, you might find it hard to express yourself in words, so we recommend that let your eyes do all the taking. To make a real statement, choose an emerald green eye pencil to achieve this look. Influenced by the earth element, your eyes manifest your love for nature, and everything calming.

The Elegant Libra

Balanced, yet dramatic.

zodiac 7

Known for putting the perfect balancing act, you should go matte with your foundation, and luminous with your lip colour. Neither flashy bold, nor dormant hues, keep it charming and subtle with dreamy blue eyes. Accentuate your nose with a highlighter, but keep your cheek bones drenched in the harmonious tint of lightest pink shade.

The Mysterious Scorpio

You can keep a secret.

zodiac 8

You are intense and mysterious, and the best way to bring out your sensuality is through a bold eye game. Invest in an intense gel eyeliner to make a powerful statement with double-winged cat eyes like the one above. The impact of your look will be accentuated with glossy pink lips and dramatically arched brows.

The Experimental Sagittarius

Do things differently.

zodiac 9

Don’t play it safe; it isn’t who you are. Show the world your adventurous side by experimenting with purple eyeliners, and pair it with can’t-miss-at-all red lipstick and popping highlighters. You can carry it off confidently, and the vibrancy is oh-so-sexy!

The Free-spirited Capricorn

You make your own rules.

zodiac 10

Traditional smokey eyes with black shadow is not what motivates you. Metallic allure makes you go ‘wow’ and sets your spirit free. Bare it all is the mantra you swear by, be it your make-up or emotions. With nudes as your best friend, you take no time to decide your lipcolour. Light make-up that blends easily with your skin tone makes you take a high flight to the getting-ready zone.

The Creative Aquarius

Never out of ideas.

zodiac 11

You thrive when you’re given a chance to show your creativity and what better than to use your eyeliner to bring out your fun side? Cobalt is one of those universally-flattering shades that is guaranteed to look good on anyone. So, exchange your black with this blue liner and start innovating (use this look as a reference when you’re on it).

The Passionate Pisces

Driven to succeed.

Zodiac 12

For Pisceans, their dedication and passion to any cause is paramount. The same traits reflect in their beauty routine. The secret for nailing a perfect make-up look is all in the base, and it can be easily achieved with a foundation that promises to give you a flawless finish. So, get blending already!

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