Aditi Rao Hydari’s Beauty Evolution To Finding Her Signature Look Will Inspire Every Girl

Aditi Rao Hydari’s Beauty Evolution To Finding Her Signature Look Will Inspire Every Girl

The girl with the porcelain skin and fantastic eyelashes has turned heads ever since she stepped into the limelight. That’s right we’re talking about Aditi Rao Hydari. Her features don’t require a lot of make-up and because of that, she has nailed the minimal and ‘no-make-up’ looks. So let’s decode her beauty evolution and get inspired by some her most iconic styles to date.


Most girls will identify with this make-up look, this is our go-to, a little mascara and a bindi paired with ornate earrings is a winning combo. It helps that Aditi has amazing skin, and doesn’t require a heavy base.


In what was probably one of her first shoots, Aditi goes for big hair and a soft smoky eye to really bring out those peepers. Natural brown hues and a touch of mahogany eyeshadow blended around the eye can add some drama to your overall look.


Bring on those eyelashes. Here we can see that Aditi is slowly trying to find her signature look.  Take a leaf out of her make-up book; get some faux lashes, warm toned glitter eye shadow, a black eye pencil and a matte red lipstick and you will be prepared for anything.


Here is a great example of the power of kohl and finding your perfect nude lipstick. Aditi’s look is simple to accomplish, all you need to do is line your eyes with a good deep black or brown eye pencil and then smudge it to get an effortless smokey eye.  A nude lipstick compliments this look, as the focus is on the eyes.


This is the Aditi we know and love. In 2016, her fashion and make-up looks started to really come together.  The secret to her signature look is four products – a great highlighter, bold mascara, a banging brow kit and a bright lipstick. Arm yourself with these four things and achieving her look will be a breeze.


No matter what her make-up look is, a strong brow brings out Aditi’s gorgeous large eyes. If you don’t have access to her bestie and brow magician Elton Fernandez, go see a make-up artist who can advise you on getting your brows on fleek for good.

This is what Aditi does best, the ‘no-make-up’ look. It takes an army but all you need is a kickass skincare routine and a few multi-duty products.


Aditi is the queen of knowing, finding and wearing her ‘My Lips But Better (MLBB)’ shade. Once you have a hold of that, any and every make-up and no-make-up look will be a breeze.

It’s not all minimalist, sometimes Aditi likes to change it up a little by adding just the tiniest bit of colour to her look. This pop of electric blue eyeliner to her water line elevates an otherwise basic make-up look. Such a neat trick to take make-up from day to night, with just a coloured eyeliner!

That wraps up our investigation into Ms Hydari’s make-up looks over the years. Let’s be inspired by her minimalist approach to make-up and keep it simple and fresh for 2018!