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Drop These Fashion Mistakes (Along With Old BFs) As You Go From Your 20s To 30s

Drop These Fashion Mistakes (Along With Old BFs) As You Go From Your 20s To 30s

From being in your bright chirpy 20s to being a mature and sophisticated 30-year-old - a lot changes. Somewhere between these two stages in your life, you grow up (sometimes without even knowing). Along with you, so does your wardrobe. Unrealistic, tacky, unnecessary: anything that falls into these categories has to go. Ditch them, and ditch them fast. The quicker these futile styles are out of your closet, the better. After all, you need space to stack all the smart style investments you’re going to make, don’t you? Yes, it’s time to say hello to a brilliant 30s wardrobe. It’s better than you think, trust me. I mean, Rihanna just turned 30, and she’s looking and dressing better than ever. So, muster up the will and say goodbye to these fashion pieces, which sailed you through your 20s:

1. The Skin Tight Bodycon

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It’s hard to breathe in them, let alone try and walk down the stairs. This 20s style needs to go. The Kardashians have moved on, it’s time you did it too.

2. High-Waist Skinny Jeans

I’ve been waiting for this style to become obsolete. And being in your 30s gets you a free pass to dump them. Try mid-waist boot cut jeans, instead… they’re going to stick with you longer and through various occasions.

3. Tube Tops

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I don’t know why this style travelled from your teens to your 20s. But if it did, it needs to disappear now. These are as skimpy as it gets, and your 30s wardrobe needs pieces you can rely on. Bye bye, tube tops!

4. Cheap Ballet Flats

Budgets make you do crazy things, so let’s excuse this poor purchase of yours. These will fall apart in front of your eyes and you won’t even get to know. Splurge on a versatile style that you can wear to your weekend brunches and dates too, like loafers.

5. ‘Too Short’ Shorts & Skirts


Anything, that is short enough for you to keep pulling it down, is not worthy of your wardrobe. A. it’s super annoying, B. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”. Invest in a sharp pair of tailored pants instead.

6. Huge Slogan Prints

No denying these were THE thing in your 20s. But TBH, giant (almost yelling) types make no sense in your 30s. Doesn’t mean you have to give up the fun. Make it more edgy with minimal slogan print t-shirts et al.

7. Tutu Skirts

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Carrie Bradshaw made them work, no doubt. But unless you’re a living breathing character from Sex And The City, you need to say ‘sayonara’ to this 20s style. Instead, add a sleek midi skirt to your 30s wardrobe.

8. Boho ‘Festival’ Pieces

What used to be Sunburn and NH7 worthy, isn’t anymore. And the extra boho pieces you bought for the beach could easily be swapped for a crisp white cropped shirt and printed midi skirt.

9. Stripper Heels

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They’re glittery, they’re too high to handle, and they’re tacky as hell. We all had a pair in our 20s, no shame. But it’s time to purge your closet of these. Right. Now. Get you a pair of block-heeled pumps instead.  

10. Miniature Bags

What do these even hold? Whether it’s date night or cocktail hour, neither your makeup nor your wallet is going to fit into one of these. Your 30s wardrobe deserves a spacious and reliable, but chic, evening bag.