A Bullshit-Free Guide To Skincare For The Working Woman

A Bullshit-Free Guide To Skincare For The Working Woman

Let me tell you from experience, working women are hustling around the clock to make ends meet and barely get the time to pamper themselves. Due to the busy lives they lead, following a proper skincare routine is a little next to impossible. Thought I was going to go on droning about this? Nope. Yes, having a 10-step skincare routine is DIFFICULT, but that doesn’t mean your skin has to look dull and gloomy. We have a solution to this woe! You just stick to the basics and keep it simple silly. If you don’t know where to start, here’s a bullshit and fluff-free skincare guide for you from scratch! These 5 steps are quick, super effective and will get you a clearer and smoother complexion in no time at all. Why don’t you check them out?

Step 1: Cleanse Your Face Twice A Day

For clear skin, you should wash your face not with lukewarm water, but with chilled water twice a day. It helps rejuvenate your skin by cleansing the dirt, dust and other impurities. Before applying make-up, give your skin 10-15 minutes to breathe. This habit will reduce the chances of acne and pimples popping up on your face.

Step 2: Hello There, Toner!

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Invest in a good quality alcohol-free toner and your skin will be sorted for life! Removing dust and grime from your face like a pro, this beauty potion will never dry your skin out. Also, using a toner to clean your face cuts the onset of breakouts.

Step 3: Moisturise Like You Mean It

No matter how busy I am, I always make it a point to moisturise my skin multiple times during the day. In fact, I carry a bottle of cream with me in my bag wherever I go. I know for a fact that if I do not moisturise, my skin will start to look dry, feel dull and flaky. I also make it a point to give the moisturiser some time to soak into my skin.

Step 4: Hydrate & Repeat

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Now that your skin is prepped, gulp down a tall glass of water before you leave for work. Water washes away toxins and gives skin a healthy glow. If that’s not convincing enough, it also makes your tummy feel full and that’s a fabulous way of dealing with in-between-meal munchie cravings if you ask us.

Step 5: Sunscreen To The Rescue

While you’re on your way to work or before you leave, apply sunscreen to your face and body. This tiny beauty habit will have a huge positive impact on your skin. By protecting your skin from fine lines, wrinkles, breakouts and damage, sunscreen is the one product you need to own.

Note: Your basic skincare routine should not take more than 6-8 minutes. If you have extra time on your hands, you can also use a non-abrasive exfoliator or slap on a face mask that’s enriched with natural ingredients.

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