Zodiac Predictions For 2018: Read What The Stars Have In Store For You

Zodiac Predictions For 2018: Read What The Stars Have In Store For You

The beginning of every new year brings with it new possibilities, new chances and a reason to forget the past and start afresh. But, with all the excitement and frolic, also comes the anticipation and curiosity that makes us wonder how life would change for us in the new year. If not the entire script, we read our 2018 horoscopes to get a tiny glimpse of the things that we can expect in the new year… 

And here's our breakdown on all the zodiac predictions for 2018. Read on to know what the stars have in store for you...



2017 was a year full of lessons and learnings for you and trust us, all the things you learnt will come to good use this new year. Overall, this year is going to be an ambitious year for you, keeping aside the few slowdowns and roadblocks that you may experience. While work is extremely important for you, your love life will be at the forefront in 2018. Talking of family, just be yourself and your bonds with the members will continue to grow stronger.


While you appear to be super bull-headed and stern most of the time, behind it all, lies your soft interior. In 2017, you may have receded into a shell, keeping to yourself, but 2018 is going to be your opportunity to come out and shine in your career and love life. As you launch into 2018, all the tension and worry will slowly start disappearing and the year will get better as the months pass by.


Represented by the twins, Gemini, this is your year to shine and show off your successes starting early February onwards. However, you need to be extra cautious to make sure that your personal relationships do not suffer in the process. While your love life took a back seat in 2017, this year, romantic relationships are likely to make you very joyful but some turbulence may be expected from the family members.


Dear crab, this year has the planets aligned for you to have all your dreams come true, just keep working towards achieving them. Ah as far as your love life is concerned, if you’re attached, try to reciprocate whatever your desire in the relationship and if you’re single, then 2018 is bringing along someone special just for you. While family life may experience some trouble at the start of the year, things will fare better as time goes by.


All the hard work that the lion put into polishing their talent and honing their skills will surely shine out in the open in 2018. You are a born lover but to keep things going smoothly, simply adjust your ways to suit your partner and in case you’re single, a lover is likely to enter your life around September this year. As for family, this year, the stars are suggesting that you stick it out even when the times get tough.


2018 brings you the chance to develop your personal relationships and show your loved ones, how much you really care. Shy by nature, this is the year when you let your partner or potential love interest know what you really desire in a relationship and that you would settle for nothing less. Family matters and squabbles are also likely to slowly disappear as you usher into 2018.



As you enter 2018, the sign of scales may be feeling burdened and imbalanced, unlike its very own nature. Embrace yourself as the troubles will dissipate by March, leaving you with a more fun and energised outlook toward life. Both, romance and friendships will flourish and new possibilities at the workplace will make way for you to move ahead. The whole year is full of chances to find your balance and reasons to smile.



2017 was a year for you to shine and bloom. Dear Scorpio, the new year brings with it the chance for you to finally reap the benefits of your newly acquired sense of self-expression. When it comes to love, the stars predict a better year for romance and the opportunity to have encounters with lots of interesting people in your daily life. While family relationships have made you feel exhausted at times, this year you may be keeping a little distance to protect yourself.


2017 was quite a year for the Archer, and 2018 comes with the news of shining whatever path you wish to pursue. A year for an emotional makeover, focus time and energy on spirituality, meditation and positivity. Stars suggest that your love life is bound to be robust while your work life may be a cause of some trouble. All in all, be positive and work to turn things your own way.



Whatever your age, the Sea goat is known for its free-spiritedness and youthfulness. This year you may experience greater stress and the way to come around it is to stay extra focussed, disciplined and driven. Recognise the importance of love in your life and make it a priority in 2018. The stars predict that the family life will be quite smooth and balanced, so not much to worry about at that front.


A visionary at heart, this year comes packed with opportunities to achieve success but stay cautious at all times. If you’re attached, the relationship will be smooth sailing and for the single ones, you’re likely to meet some interesting people in 2018. A large family reunion is likely to result in encounters with relatives you haven’t met in the longest time. As for work, your skills will outshine the workplace this year.



2017 was a year of learning and enrichment for you and if you focus and toil, this year will allow you to manifest all your dreams, too. Love should be all the more blissful this year while family life may experience a downside. Don’t you worry, just give it your all and nothing can stop you from having one of the most brilliant years.

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