4 Women Share What Helps Them Feel Confident In Their Skin

4 Women Share What Helps Them Feel Confident In Their Skin

There comes a point in everyone’s life when we realise that each one of us is made differently, that we are unique in many ways, and we start accepting our true self. That’s also when you stop comparing yourself to others. That’s when you embrace yourself and live up to your own standards, not anyone else’s. That’s how you feel confident in your own skin.

Beauty is more than just your appearance; it’s how you feel about yourself. When you are comfortable with who you are and how you look, it reflects in your personality. We talked to women who have been judged for their clothes, their personalities and how they present themselves, but each of them has come out stronger despite the criticism. Today, they share their stories with us.

I Feel Confident Because I Don’t Care What Others Think

In a small town, it’s difficult to be yourself because all eyes are unabashedly on you. People have opinions on every aspect of your life: if you wear too much make-up, if you dress up in a certain way, if you talk to boys, if you come home late. There are just no boundaries. I have learnt to not let it get to me. I love wearing dresses, which sometimes become a topic of conversation in the neighbourhood, but I don’t allow anyone to dictate my wardrobe. I am confident enough to not to apologise for the person I am and the choices I make.

-Kriti Gupta

Inside women share what makes them feel confident

I Know Myself And My Body And That’s My Secret Weapon

Growing up, I saw my mother in Indian outfits and I fell in love with her collection of sarees. I am just as comfortable in jeans and shorts, but I enjoy sarees and suits much more. When I get a chance, I even Indianise my western wear with jhumkas and accessories. I was initially labelled as a behenji or auntyji and the judgement hurt a few times. Later, I realised that my clothes are very personal to me and it shouldn’t really matter to anyone else. I style myself in a way that makes me happy, in flattering clothes that I feel bring me closer to my heritage. I carry them beautifully and that’s why I feel confident about myself and my body.

-Abhijita Adhikari

My Perfect Outfits Give Me Power

I am a fashion lover. I am obsessed with clothes and I keep a tab on the latest trends. I don’t copy celebrities or follow every fashion advice blindly, but I create my own looks, my own style. And you know what? I make money out of it. People don’t think that a girl like me could be smart as a whip, and that’s fine. They can call me a bimbo, but at the end of the day, I have a fashion blog that helps girls in acquiring a positive body image, and I am proud of it. I’ve turned my passion into a living and it’s crazy how much fun that is!

-Akriti Bose

Inside 2 women share what makes them feel confident

Great Skin Makes Me Confident

I love the feel of smooth, baby soft skin. From my skincare routine to my monthly massage appointments, I work hard for it. I learnt from my mother to take care of myself, and it may be difficult to follow it through in winters, but it is so worth it! Her two commandments for the winter season were: Never wash your face with hot water (no matter how cold it is) and always use a good lotion like Parachute Advansed Body Lotion after I shower. I may dabble with bath products frequently, but the Parachute lotion has become a staple. With the goodness of coconut milk, a phenomenon that the world is waking up to, it also comes with coco lipid formula that helps lock moisture limiting frequent applications and gives a long-lasting glow.

-Mansi Chawdhury

The road to self-discovery involves acceptance and love from within and there is no place for self-doubt once you start on the path. If you feel confident in your skin just like these women, inspire us by sharing your story here.

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