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This Is Why We Need To Make 2018 All About Body Positivity

This Is Why We Need To Make 2018 All About Body Positivity

In a world where we're spoon-fed images of perfect (and photoshopped) women, it becomes all the more important to love and honour your body. Body positivity has, as a result, become a powerful movement. In case, the phrase 'body positivity' doesn’t ring a bell, then here's what it stands for. It simply means adopting a way of thinking that is more accepting and affirming towards your own body. Wondering what makes it so important? Well, it’s the role it plays in improving overall health, well-being and the contentment quotient in a person’s life. Here are reasons why body positivity is not just for those who have bodies that do not conform to the societal standards of beauty, but for every single girl in the world.

1. Love your body and we promise you that the love would be reciprocated.

When you adopt an accepting attitude towards your body, then whatever efforts you put into changing it - like losing weight or gaining muscle - are easily received by the body. If you know anything about positive self-talk then you’ll definitely understand what I’m getting at.

2. Love your body and everyone around you will start loving you just the way you look.

They say people treat you the way you treat yourself. And guess what? It couldn’t be any truer. When you show to the world how self-confident and blessed you feel in your own skin, then people around you will be on the same wavelength and steer clear of body-shaming you on any account. But just in case you’re wondering, the opposite holds true as well.

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3. Love your body because it's stood the test of time.

Have you ever thought about the fact that your body, however it may be, has stood by you over the years, through thick and thin, standing the test of time? It has been shielding you against all germs and diseases, while at the same time, healing you whenever it gets injured keeping life smooth-sailing. Now doesn’t your body deserve some TLC in return for being a strong, strong girl?

4. Love your body and transform the way you feel within.

When you love yourself physically for how you are and what you look like, then you naturally tend to develop a higher level of self-esteem, self-image and a new-found confidence in everything you do. Now doesn’t our proposition sound totally worth it.

5. Love your own body and you’ll feel happier & healthier.

This reminds of the Game of Thrones quote, “The things we do for love.” And when we’re talking about loving your own body then it means you’ll automatically devote extra time and effort to be healthy and in good shape. Voila, a body positivity helps one become healthier, fitter and happier!

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Published on Jan 21, 2018
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