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7 Brides Reveal Their Wedding Planning Mistakes So That You Don't Make The Same!

7 Brides Reveal Their Wedding Planning Mistakes So That You Don't Make The Same!

To err is human… A very famous quote that we all unanimously agree with. We are humans and are bound to make mistakes. But there are times when innocent and honest blunders can create some major problems for us, for example, ahem, wedding planning mistakes! Don’t be so surprised, pulling off a wedding is no cakewalk and there are so many things that can never be under your control. Here are some brides who revealed the craziest and funniest planning mistakes they made while planning their wedding. They reveal their secrets for you, so that you don’t do what they did!

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1. I made the mistake of NOT hiring a wedding planner… Worst decision ever!

This is one decision I regret making to this day. You should ALWAYS hire a wedding planner. It’s quite impossible for you to manage everything related to your big day. Never ever make the mistake that I made and just hire a professional who can handle everything with finesse. Also, make sure your wedding planner is really good at what he/she does.

- Nidhi Kavle, Senior Beauty Writer, POPxo

2. I forgot to carry regular clothes for my destination wedding & had to wear borrowed clothes all throughout!  

I had a destination wedding, and that meant that we had a lot of packing to do. While I made sure that all the outfits for my events were packed and loaded in the car, I completely forgot that I needed a few basic clothes to wear in-between the functions. I had no option but to wear my night suit or borrowed clothes pre and post the events… And that’s so not how you want to be roaming around in the resort when you’re the bride!

- Manasvi Jaitly, Wedding Editor, POPxo

3. In all the haste, we forgot to invite a few important people who later congratulated us…

3 vandya

Awkward doesn’t even begin covering how weird the whole situation was for us. It was not intentional obviously, just an honest mistake. Weddings are fun but so chaotic at the same time, and in all the craziness, it just skipped our mind to invite a few important people. They even congratulated us later and we were super embarrassed.

- Vandya Sethi, Community Manager, POPxo and Plixxo

4. I booked my mehendi wala at the last moment and well, it wasn’t a very smart thing to do!

My wedding preparation was all done in a haste because we didn’t have much time. So, in all the chaos, I forgot about booking the mehendi artist. And since it was peak wedding season, no one was available. I actually went out in search of one, all the good ones were already booked. This is one planning mistake, I hope, I had never made and also wish no bride ever makes. A bride’s mehendi is really important to her after all!

- Natasha Chopra, Delhi

5. Amidst all the wedding madness, I forgot to hire a DJ for my poolside mehendi ceremony!

Yes, this totally happened. So, here we are all gathered around the pool, getting our mehendi done and were very happy, but there was no music at all. And since it was a huge function, tiny speakers blasting music that we used as a last resort were also of no use. I guess this is what happens when you don’t hire a wedding planner.

- Nidhi Kavle, Senior Beauty Writer, POPxo

6. I did not cross check before booking my mehendi artist, and ended up hiring the wrong guy!

6 deepti

This was not really a mistake on my part, but something that could happen to anybody. I checked online for the best bridal mehendi artists in GK and the results showed a guy named Raju Mehendi Wala. I went to the market, saw him and booked him. But my mehendi didn’t really turn out to be as pretty and dark as I had expected. I was later told that there are more than five mehendi walas of the same name in the GK market.

- Deepti Kapuria, Executive Assistant to Founder & CEO, POPxo

7. We kinda expected too much from the reference pictures shown to us by our decorator, and didn’t double check… Big mistake!

We expected too much from the reference pictures the decor guys gave us and on the morning of the wedding, we saw the tablecloths and almost died. Luckily, we had enough time to have them replaced with a better option since I was getting my make-up done at the venue itself and reached a couple of hours early. One mistake that got covered before it blew out of proportion… Phew!

- Vandya Sethi, Community Manager, POPxo and Plixxo

We should learn from others’ mistakes, right? Make sure you don’t go wrong with any of these things on your D-day.

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