Dear Bride-To-Be, Here's Some Wedding Planning Advice You Can Totally Do Without

Dear Bride-To-Be, Here's Some Wedding Planning Advice You Can Totally Do Without

When it comes to planning a wedding, then be rest assured, that everyone will have an opinion on it. Your parents might want a longer guestlist, your in-laws could have a different take about your wedding outfit and your aunts might want your make-up to look a certain way. But just because people have wedding advice to give doesn’t mean you have to take it all. While some may actually be helpful, other advice have to be taken with a pinch of salt. So to make your life easier, we have made a list of 7 wedding planning advice that you definitely CAN do without. Take a look.  

1. Have a big fat Indian wedding because, why not!

If small, intimate weddings are your thing, then you should totally go ahead with the plan. Even though your parents would be willing to spend their life savings on an event which will last a couple of days, you definitely don’t have to! There is no need to listen to anyone’s advice about having a grand wedding if that is not what you want.

1 big fat indian wedding

2. Your lehenga should definitely be designer!

Hell, no! Your lehenga can be from wherever you want it to be. You don’t have to spend a fortune on your wedding outfit just because people are telling you to. And who said that pretty lehengas only come from a designer store? Search trusted shops and local markets in your city and you will find absolute gems there. Trust us, you won’t regret the decision.

3. You have to follow all the wedding traditions to the T, because ‘adarsh bahu’!

Whether or not you follow the fifty wedding traditions has nothing to do with you being a good daughter, wife or daughter-in-law. So, chill! And for all those people giving you that advice, we have one thing to say - back off! We know traditions are an important part of Indian culture, but if you strongly believe that a certain wedding tradition doesn’t sit well with you, then you can always skip it. No biggie!

3 adarsh bahu

4. A stage is an absolute MUST at a wedding...

Well guess what? No, it isn’t! Many millennial couples have done away with the concept of having stages at their wedding and we think it’s so cool. Some may find it a practical way for guest-management, but for the couple it’s rarely fun to stand on a stage for hours at a stretch, fake smiling for pictures! Well, it’s okay to go stage-free at your wedding. You can mingle with guests, have different photo set ups peppered around the venue, so even your pictures don’t all have the same backdrop!

5. You need to have many traditional clothes in your trousseau

You need traditional clothes, of course, but not too many! There is really no need for 11 sarees, 11 suits and a bunch of other clothes that will only end up remaining packed in your wardrobe forever. A couple silk sarees are a must in your wedding trousseau, but you could always opt for stylish fusion outfits for your trousseau too.

5 traditional clothes

6. Wear loads of make-up if you want your wedding photos to come out pretty

No, no, no! The people giving you this advice have it all wrong! You do not need heavy make-up to look pretty. If you want to go for a more natural look on your wedding day, then go ahead by all means. Just make sure you hire a good make-up artist who knows what they’re doing. Also, before you start getting your make-up done, have a fair idea of what you want it to look like so that you don’t end up unhappy by the end of it.

7. You need a lot of heavy jewellery for your wedding day

That is just a personal choice. If you want to look nothing short of royalty, then you might want to opt for a heavy layered set. But if you’re someone who hates going OTT and cannot carry heavy jewellery, then you must know that minimalist jewellery looks just as enchanting and is a great choice to don on your wedding day.

7 heavy jewellery

These are just a few suggestions that we think you can conveniently ignore. In the end, it’s your day… no bad vibes there!

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