8 Ways Of Staying Healthy When You Don't Have Enough Time To Workout

8 Ways Of Staying Healthy When You Don't Have Enough Time To Workout

When you don’t have the time to exercise, and there’s just work work work on your mind, it can get really frustrating. It’s not just the constant feeling of exhaustion that leaves you feeling so but also the lack of endorphins that puts you in a grumpy mood. With our current lifestyles, we totally understand everyone's plight and recommend these simple lifestyle and diet changes to leave you feeling healthy and happy without the need to workout. No pain and a lot of gain!

1. Be on your toes

Don't be seated for more than 30 minutes at a stretch, walk short distances instead of opting for transport and just find reasons to be up and about on your toes as much as possible. Doing so is likely to keep you fit and happy, and of course burn a few extra calories here and there!

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2. Practise food-swapping

Switching to healthier foods and making small diet changes is a way to get closer to being healthy when there’s absolutely no time to exercise. Swapping milk chocolate with dark chocolate (it has 50% less sugar), milk coffee with black coffee, maida pasta with semolina pasta and so on. You get the drill, right?

3. A good snooze really matters

Did you know that lack of sleep affects metabolism, mood, concentration, immunity and cardiovascular health. So make sure that you get your eight hours of sleep at night as it'll help you feel well rested and rejuvenated. This will actually do wonders for your physical and mental health.

4. Watch your meal portions

Eating small portions of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains at short intervals will help keep the tendency to overeat in check. Eating at fixed times daily can also make all the difference when it comes to better digestion which translates as better health for you, my lady.

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5. Throw the stress out

From heart trouble to digestive issues to weight gain, stress is the cause of it all. Make a conscious effort to keep stress at bay. Deep breathing, meditation, indulging in things you love and maintaining work-life balance are some ways to protect yourself from the harmful effects of stress.

6. 7-minute workouts are the way to go

The 7-minute scientific routine with 12 exercises, to be performed in rapid succession combined with brief periods of recovery is a way to incorporate exercise in your busy routine. The downside is that those 7 minutes would be super tiring and intensive but the upside is that it’ll leave you done with your daily dose of workout!

7. Just keep sippin’

We learnt at school how our bodies are mostly made of water and yet we don’t realise what all it does to keep us fit and healthy. Sipping water all day long keeps us healthy, fresh, flushes out toxins keeping the digestive tracts clean and most of all, keeps the skin glowing!

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8. Munch on healthy bites

Dried fruits, home-made protein bars, sesame and pumpkin seeds are tasty, healthy foods that keep the urge to munch at bay. So we suggest you carry a handful with you to keep yourself from going in for those fried potato chips, chocolates and other unhealthy munchies! Time to say an absolute no-no to sugars, processed foods and the likes of it.

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