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7 Smart & *Easy* Ways To Cut Down On Your Wedding Expenses (You’re Welcome!)

7 Smart & *Easy* Ways To Cut Down On Your Wedding Expenses (You’re Welcome!)

Weddings can drain your finances faster than a political party’s fund during elections. Both have the potential to make money evaporate faster into things that you can’t put on an excel sheet. And there’s no point spending a huge sum of money on an event which only a few people (the ones really close to you) actually care about. Most guests at a wedding just come for the free food, booze and a chance to get kickass pictures clicked - let’s accept it. So, it only makes sense to adopt some cost-cutting measures and stick to a strict budget. Here are some ways to do it!

1. Let go of those designer labels and go local!

We know you have been eyeing that designer lehenga for a long time now. But think! Is it really important to buy a lehenga that costs a bomb, to wear it only for a day? And more importantly, there are a lot of hidden gems in those local markets. For example, we have Chandni Chowk in Delhi which is like a treasure chest for shaadi shopping! You will find amazing outfits at prices much lesser than designer labels. So, that’s some major cost-cutting right there.

1 go local wedding

2. Avoid a November, December and February wedding

For obvious reasons! November to February is the peak wedding season and that means everything from the venue to the vendors will cost you a bomb. Due to the high demand, vendors usually hike their prices. On the other hand, if you have an off-season wedding, say in September or March, you will have savings all around.

3. Opt for E-invites rather than expensive wedding cards

Digital is the way to go my friend. Instead of spending lacs on wedding cards which people will completely forget, irrespective of how pretty and elegant they look, you should just opt for e-invites. Make use of available apps and websites which allow you to design your own wedding card. Plus, it saves you the hassle of delivering every card personally or by courier.

3 e invites wedding

4. Go smart on your wedding make-up

Most brides these days are opting for really light, minimal make-up look for their big day. So, if too prefer subtle make-up, then request your make-up artist for a ‘party make-up’ package. You will be surprised how much difference this one little bluff can make! Your make-up will be sorted in almost half the amount of a bridal package.

5. Avail the ‘services’ of your talented friends

Of course, because what else are friends for? We all have that one friend with a DSLR who clicks wonderful pictures. Or that one jugaadu friend who knows of all the good affordable DJs, caterers and decorators. Take their help and save your expenses.

5 talented friends wedding

6. Give those fancy farmhouses a miss

A wedding is all about you and how you enjoy it. It really doesn’t matter whether your destination is a fancy farmhouse or a regal banquet. You could give your terrace a makeover for the mehendi ceremony or book an Airbnb for an intimate wedding. All that matters is that you should have fun.

7. Decorate with flowers, lights and DIY stuff!

There really is no need to decorate the venue with crystal chandeliers and expensive orchids. Fairy lights, tuberoses, marigolds and a few funky DIY decor items like pinwheels etc can create magic. And not to forget, they can make a lot of difference to your wedding expenses. So, it’s a win-win situation for you!

Now that you have so many ways of bringing down your wedding expenses, we hope you plan that kickass cost-efficient dream wedding of yours!

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