10 Insta Worthy Engagement Ring Photos To Announce It In Style!

10 Insta Worthy Engagement Ring Photos To Announce It In Style!

Choosing an engagement ring is no easy task. You put in a lot of time, money and effort to make a perfect choice. So it’s only fair that you click perfect pictures of your ring. After all, how else do you show it off to the world? Also, exchanging rings with your partner means promising each other the bond of a lifetime, and that is totally worth capturing, isn’t it? Here are some cool and creative ideas to help you get that perfect engagement ring photo for your album.

1. In the lap of nature, quite literally!

What’s not to love about a photo like this? Gorgeous lush green grass, a few leaves placed tastefully and your stunning rings gently perched in a bowl full of fresh flowers… Hello, prettiness!

2. Something for the book lover couple...


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Do you love reading books? Do you usually have discussions about books and sometimes even argue about them? Well then, there is no better way to photograph your rings. Place them in your favourite book for a picture perfect shot.

3. Block it with a ring!


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Perfect for the not-so-OTT couple. Just place your rings on a brightly coloured wooden block, focus on the lighting and tadaaa... Here’s your beautiful shot!

4. Beach, bae and bling

For all you beach lovers out there, make sure you make time for a little engagement ring photo shoot. All you have to do is tastefully place the rings on the sand, just as the picture above. But hey, be careful because you don’t want the waves to take your rings away!

5. Up the glitter factor

You spent so much money on your exquisite rings, didn’t you? Then why should the pictures be plain and boring? Go as glam as you want and add some glitter to the shot. You will totes not regret it!

6. Sugar, spice and everything nice!

Do you and your partner have an undying love for desserts? Well then, you know what to do with your rings, don’t you?

7. Shimmery dazzle

Just how elegant and classy does this picture look. It’s so stunning and we love the concept of photographing your ring with your wedding heels. Throw in a rose or two and you have a fabulous picture!

8. Floral overdose!

If you don’t want anything super fancy and just want your rings to look stunning, then you can just place them on a bunch of fresh flowers and get a pretty shot out of it.

9. Hold it with love

We are just so stunned by the finesse with which this shot has been taken. Let go of the drama and opt for a simple yet striking shot like this.

10. Wake up and smell the coffee

Can’t really get yourself to wake up without a cup of strong coffee? Well, include your favourite drink in your wedding album too! Such a tasteful shot!

Pretty great ideas, no? Which of these will be your pick?

Featured Image: Tuhina Chopra Photoworks