The Most Common Underwear Mistakes You Didn't Know You Were Making & How To Fix Them!

The Most Common Underwear Mistakes You Didn't Know You Were Making & How To Fix Them!

Underwear is probably the last thing on your mind while getting dressed in the morning! It seems unnecessary to consider what panties to put on, nobody is going to see them anyway! But ignoring a few key necessities of wearing proper underwear can have serious consequences. Remember that unpleasant yeast infection? It was probably your underwear! From wearing the incorrect size to failing in the art of a seamless behind, these are the underwear mistakes you are committing and how you can fix them!

1. It’s All About The Fit

1 underwear mistakes

Whether it's a size too big or too small, ill-fitted underwear can give you a lot of grief. Apart from being uncomfortable, tight underwear can also lead to chafing and redness in the areas where the skin is most sensitive. As for loose fittings, they can lead to saggy boobs and itchy bums!  

How do you fix it? Start by knowing your correct size. Get professionally fitted for a bra and undies or give yourself a fitting. Most stores will even let you try out different sizes and styles to figure out which one will be most comfortable for you for long hours.

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2. The Fabric Matters

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Your daily underwear plays a major role in personal hygiene. Fabrics like silk, spandex and polyester don’t let your skin breathe and can cause irritation. We recommend them for special occasions.  Some women might even be allergic to these fabrics without knowledge.

How do you fix it? One of the best fabrics to opt for daily use will be cotton, a lot of brands are coming up with cute designs so you don’t have to settle for granny panties. Also, make it a point to buy alternative fabrics with a cotton lined crotch.

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3. Wearing Underwear 24/7

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Just like everything else your private parts need a break as well! Bras tend to permanently pull on your shoulders and breasts, no wonder taking them off is such a great feeling! Wearing panties for really long hours can lead to moisture being retained and may lead to issues like bacteria and inflammation due to infections.

How do you fix it? Skip the underwear while you are sleeping or when you are staying in, wearing baggy pyjamas will be enough to pull through the day! Also, switch to breathable fabrics like cotton and blend if you tend to pull long work hours.

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4. Too Many Coloured Underwear

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Coloured fabrics have a number of synthetic dyes in them. This becomes an issue if you tend to sweat more and have sensitive skin. Wearing coloured underwear all the time can thus become a cause of skin rashes and irritation.

How do you fix it? The simplest option will be to alternate with white and lighter coloured lingerie. You can also opt for brands that use natural or hypoallergenic dyes in their fabrics.

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5. Improper Workout Underwear

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It is a common practice to wear active lingerie while working out, it is the type. And fitting of the underwear where women go wrong. Underwear too snug will restrict your movements in the gym, the wrong fabric will be uncomfortable when you are sweating and a poor fitting can cause embarrassing accidents.

How do you fix it? Stick to fabrics that can wick away the moisture and is the proper size to ensure your skin can breathe during the workout. Also, It is important to change out of your sweaty underwear after every workout. Carry a clean and dry pair with you everytime you go to the gym.

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6. Wash And Dry

6 underwear mistakes

Throwing in your delicates with the rest of the laundry is one of the greatest lingerie sins. The heat from the dryer and excess detergent in a machine wash can lead to quicker wear and tear of the material. Also, using perfumed or harsh detergent to wash your intimates can cause allergies and drying out the skin.

How do you fix it? Stick to hand washing your delicates and air drying them on a clothing rack to avoid the harsh environment of the machine dryer. It is recommended to switch to fabric friendly and hypoallergenic detergents to fulfil your washing needs.

7. “Showing” Your Underwear

7 underwear mistakes

The occasionally visible bra strap through your shirt is no biggie. But showing your white bra through sheer clothing or having the panty waistband sticking out of your jeans is so not cool.

How do you fix it? Pick the right underwear, be it low rise panties with low waisted jeans or steering clear of textured fabrics like lace and mesh under tight thin clothing. In case of sheer clothing, match the undies with your skin tone if you do not wish them to be visible.

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8. The Dreaded Visible Underwear Line

8 underwear mistakes

Outfits that are tightly fitted or made of thin material can show the outline of your underwear. Broad seams of your panties can be visible through even stretchable jeans and people can make out lacy bras underneath a thin silk shirt. This underwear faux pas is not only embarrassing but also ruins the aesthetic of your outfit.

How do you fix it? For the outfits that present risk of the visible panty line, stick to panties that have flat seams or are completely seamless. There are many options for seamless full fabric bras available for all your satin dresses!

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9. Wearing Shapewear Too Often

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Sliding into a pair of Spanx when you have to wear a bodycon is one thing but putting one on every day are an alarming sign! The way shapewear works is to compress your body so that it can tuck in any flab, but all that squeezing can actually cause issues like acid reflux and general discomfort.

How do you fix it? Stick to putting on shapewear only when it's absolutely necessary and you can't do without one. For daily use, you can reach for a pair simple panelled tummy tucker or well-fitted boyshorts with wide elasticated waistbands to give you a few superficial tucks!

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