6 Types Of Boys We All Have Dated Or Met

6 Types Of Boys We All Have Dated Or Met


The world comes full circles when it comes to men in our lives: We’ve all met these types and memorised their traits. These are the guys that make you repost the quote, you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet the right one. Some of them make us laugh (because of their antics), while others drain us out, but almost all remain with us, as a cautionary tale. So, taking a cue from the Faketionary that Fastrack has provided us, we use the words that describe them best and implore you to try to avoid them at all costs (unless you’re looking for a great laugh)!

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1. Slutato

Meaning: Someone who boasts about getting lucky everytime!

Yes, the ladies love you. We get that, but can you STOP telling us about every encounter you have with the opposite sex in explicit details? It’s not cool! And it certainly makes us wonder, how in the world? How do they still go out with you after listening to your ‘lucky’ stories a million times? Take it from us: A gentleman never kisses and tells!

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2. Lollypop

Meaning: Someone who LOLs at everything including dad jokes

This person has no filter. They just laugh at everything and anything. While we believe it’s good to have a little sense of humour, it’s just not okay to overdo it! Be selective because let’s face it, the lame knock-knock jokes don’t warrant smiles, much less giggles.

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3. Gainzo

Meaning: Someone who spends more time in front of the mirror in the gym than the bench press

They have made it to the gym and that feat needs to be recorded for all the world to see. These guys are everywhere, in every gym, standing in front of a full-length mirror and posting selfies of them NOT working out in their brand new activewear. It’s funny that we’ve never seen them work out, not even once.

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4. Peddler

Meaning: Someone who likes to post pictures of themselves in fancy vehicles but don’t own them

They saw, they came and they clicked. Yeah, these guys have pictures with all the fancy vehicles in the world, none of which belong to them by the way. You really have to envy their skills of getting pictures in front of cars and superbikes every time they step out the door! You know who we are talking about, don’t you?

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5. Giftsen Butts

Meaning: Someone who promises you to get the best gifts but ends up getting trash

We don’t want to be mean, but we love receiving gifts. So, what do you do when someone craps on all the hopes they gave you about giving you a great gift? You dump them!

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Meaning: Someone who re-posts about random causes but does nothing about them

They’re all over the social media, sharing hard-hitting, social content that feel strongly about. These guys will get into debates and touch sensitive subjects in the virtual world. And that’s it--their responsibility is over. They don’t take up these cases in real life, so actions don’t follow words. That’s kind of disappointing, isn’t it?

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We all hope that we never get to see them ever again and they remain where they belong, in our Faketionary! To know about all the men that you must avoid in this lifetime, check out this page that will have more such specimens.

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