Mind, Body & Soul: 8 Tips To Help You Sail Through Your Period Smoothly

Mind, Body & Soul: 8 Tips To Help You Sail Through Your Period Smoothly

Periods are a part of our life, just not the fun part. Things get messy on these days, and the mercurial moods, cramps, bloating, and the constant fear of stains don’t help either. You may be thinking of stabbing someone or crying over a dropped pen, but there’s no reason to hate this time. Don’t dread it, girls, because you can do simple things to make it all better.

Standing in solidarity with all you ladies, I am sharing some pro-tips to sail through your period smoothly. These quick fixes have helped me for years and I’m hoping they will make your life a tad easier too. You’re welcome!

1. Keep a check on your date so that you don’t get a surprise visit

A surprise period is the worst. You might be getting ready for the date you have been waiting for a long time or flying away for your holiday, and boom! The uninvited guest arrives. What you need to do is keep a check on your date so that you are prepared well in advance. After all, not all surprises are worth the scare!

1 ways to have an easy period

2. Know what to eat and what to skip

Sweet-tooth or not, periods make your crave for everything unhealthy. Beware! Sugar, salt, coffee and processed foods can aggravate cramps, while potatoes and citric fruits help dull the ache. Make the right choice, ladies!

3. Choose natural sanitary pads

Pick a sanitary pad that’s free of harmful chemicals and synthetics. Like Carmesi All Natural Sanitary Pads – completely natural, 100% bio-degradable and skin-friendly. Ladies, this is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Also, Carmesi All Natural Sanitary Pads offer subscription packs with deliveries tailored specific to your period cycle, right at your doorstep. It matters. Period.

3 1 ways to have an easy period

4. Keep your sanitary napkins handy

Sometimes, your period date shifts and this is exactly why you should keep a sanitary napkin handy in your purse to avoid the last-minute running around.

5. Stay close to all things warm and cosy

Be it a hot shower or a hot-water bag on the tummy, warmth can really help reduce the pain. Keep your mid-section warm to relax your muscles and you'll notice a big change.

6. Work out, just a little

I understand that a lot of us (including me) hate to move even an inch on the first two days. But did you know that a light workout can relieve your cramps? Stretching or light yoga increases the blood flow and cuts down the cramping, leaving you more relaxed. Check out some simple yoga postures to beat menstrual cramps.

5  ways to have an easy period

7.  Stay hydrated

While it might seem like a superfluous remedy to some (because we feel twice our size due to excessive bloating), but it actually is a great one. The more you drink, the more it will eliminate the water build-up in your body. Also, it’s great to stay hydrated when you’re losing fluids from your body. Plus, it helps to avoid zits that pop up out of nowhere. Bonus, bonus!

8. Keep yourself comfortable and entertained!

Dress up or dress down, do whatever makes you happy. You might hate them today, but periods are a sign of good health. So pat yourself on the back and plug in your headphones.

7 ways to have an easy period

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