You Need To Know These 7 Things For A 'Smooth' Honeymoon

You Need To Know These 7 Things For A 'Smooth' Honeymoon

My best friend is getting married in a month, and while we were battling a million emotions, there were so many things that we had to plan. So, we started with her honeymoon because we’re always excited about having cocktails before noon! Just like every girl, she too wanted a hiccup-free honeymoon and these are the things that I suggested to her. PS - She found them really helpful and I hope you will too. Read on to know more.

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1. Do all your research well

This will not only give you better prices, but will also make sure you have enough time to explore the unexplored cities leisurely. When you know everything that you’d like to do and see, it takes the pressure off considerably while you’re there.

1 tips to have a smooth honeymoon

2. Pack well ahead of the wedding

With the hustle during the wedding month, you might not be able to keep a track of packing for your honeymoon. You need to click a lot of pictures that will fill up your memory book (or Instagram), so keep things ready well in advance.

3. Make sure you have your beauty kit ready

Make-up, check. Perfume, check. Sunscreen, check! Don’t leave out your beauty essentials because you sure will need them to look your best. Also keep a tiny manicure kit handy along with the Veet hair removal kit that can get rid of pesky body hair, anywhere, anytime.

3 tips to have a smooth honeymoon

4. Don’t just follow a trend

Don’t go to a place because it’s trending or in the news (for all the right reasons, of course). Go to a place because you really want to explore it. Don’t jump on the bandwagon and pick something that you both would enjoy discovering, with each other.

5. Figure out expectations

You want to make sure you’re both on the same page since it’s going to be just the two of you for the entire trip. Try to figure out what both of you enjoy and expect from a trip. If he likes the beach and you like the pool, you both should be okay with the difference. It’s always good to talk about things and make some compromises. After all, you don’t want to fight about small things on your honeymoon!

5 tips to have a smooth honeymoon

6. Make sure you make enough space for ‘extras’

You’re going on a trip to a new place, and you will most probably shop. In any case, whenever we travel, clothes end up expanding when we are packing them back in. So, make sure you keep room for any shopping you do on the trip and your existing clothes that need to be fitted back in. This way, you avoid paying excess baggage on your return.

7. For them brows

Most girls (including me) feel their face looks flawless by simply shaping the eyebrows and getting rid of upper lip hair. But you don’t have to bother with expensive salons in the middle of your honeymoon. You can save yourself some trouble by getting the Veet Sensitive Touch hair removal machine. It helps you get rid of the tiniest facial hair, and it’s portable, battery-operated and absolutely convenient. Just carry it around in your bag and you never have to worry about facial hair!

7 tips to have a smooth honeymoon

Happy honeymooning, you! <3

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