A Clean Slate: Clutter-Free Your Dresser For The New Year

A Clean Slate: Clutter-Free Your Dresser For The New Year

I think every woman’s challenge is getting herself to organize her dresser. Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of buying more make-up and beauty products than we should. We often fail to understand that every beauty product comes with an expiry date too. When it comes to getting a neat and tidy dresser, we must apply the ‘less is more’ rule. Only splurge on products that you need and make the most of them. To help you declutter your dresser, here’s what to keep and what to toss!

What To Toss

1. Make-Up That You Haven’t Used In A YEAR!

Like it or not, but every make-up product comes with an expiry date. If you have one on your shelf that you haven’t used in a year or more, it’s time to chuck it in the bin. One way to find out if they’re spoiled is checking its texture. If it looks different from the time you first bought it, then you definitely need to throw it out. Using an expired product could damage and irritate the skin. Hence, it’s best to pay attention to your products.

2. The Foundation That Doesn’t Match Your Shade

2 declutter your dresser

No matter how pretty some make-up products look, they certainly don’t serve the purpose of matching your skin colour. If you’re keeping just because they look too pretty to chuck out, then you’re going to be at a loss. Give them to someone or say goodbye to them.

3. Invest In Nuetral Eyeshadow Quads

Why have one of every eyeshadow shade when you can bring home a palette? It’ll not only save space in your dresser, but it will also save you time when using them. Invest in neutral shades as they tend to work for every occasion.

4. The Make-Up Brushes You Never Use

4 declutter your dresser

You don’t need to own 5-10 brushes of the same kind to help you apply your make-up. A pack of 5 individual make-up brushes are all you need. Keeping brushes for a long time could destroy its bristles and shape. Hence keep only the brushes that you require and use often.

5. Cheap Dupes You’re Never Going To Use In This Lifetime

We all own them, and the strange part is that none of them tend to match our skin colour or agree with our skin, but we still keep them. Sometimes, even if you have to splurge, spend on quality. That way you know your skin is safe.

6. Toss Out Old Samples & Testers

6 declutter your dresser

Yes, they do look tiny and cute. Collecting them could even become a beauty addiction. We’re not saying you shouldn’t, but we think they’ll take up a lot of space. Throw all the miniature bottles and sachets out before they get stale.

Here’s the shelf life of each beauty product

1. Liquid Foundation: Upto 1 year

2. Lip Gloss: 6 months.

3. Lipstick: 1 year

4. Eyeliner & Mascara: 3-4 months.

5. Eyeshadow: 3 months.

6. Compact Powder: 2 years.

What To Keep

1. One Lipsticks Per Shade

If you want a neat dresser, you must curb the urge to buy more than one lipstick of the same shade. Instead of having 5 shades of red lipsticks, invest in one that suits your complexion the best.

2. Cotton Pads, Please?

8 declutter your dresser

These come in handy when removing make-up and nail paint. The best part is that they have a longer shelf life than make-up products. Store them in glass jars so that they remain fresh and aren’t exposed to dirt and bacteria.

3. Make Some Room For Beauty Tools

10 declutter your dresser

Never mix your beauty tools with your make-up. Instead, store all your beauty tools from tweezers to nail files in a separate container. That way, it’ll be easier to find and your drawer won’t look as cluttered as it used to before.

Fun Ways To Make A DIY Organizer At  Home!

1. Hello, Plant Pots!

If you have an old plant pot lying around in your house, don’t throw it away. Clean it up, throw some colourful rocks in it and there you have it, your very own DIY make-up brush holder.

2. Create A Magnetic Make-up Board

12 declutter your dresser

This one is love and pretty darn creative if you ask us. To make the board, you need a metal sheet, fabric and tiny magnets. Stick the fabric over the metal sheet and use hot glue to stick tiny magnets to the products. Once that’s done, you’re ready to stick them on your pretty board.

3. The Shoe Organizer To The Rescue!

Who would have ever thought that a simple shoe organizer would come in handy one day, right? Apparently, you can buy one, hang it on your door and fill all the pockets with make-up goodies!

If you don’t want to make one from scratch you can invest in these uber cool make-up organizers too!

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