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Pre-Wedding Jitters Are Real! Here Are 8 Simple Tips To Make You Feel MUCH Better!

Pre-Wedding Jitters Are Real! Here Are 8 Simple Tips To Make You Feel MUCH Better!

Pre-wedding jitters are not a myth. They are for real and whether it's a love marriage or arranged, you're definitely going to be nervous about the big day. But that doesn't mean you should go all Bollywood and run away from the wedding. Instead, try acing it. Sounds difficult but once you think through, it becomes much easier. Still fretting? Don't! We are here to help you get over your wedding jitters. Read on...

1. Trust your instincts

You chose the guy. You wanted to marry him. It was your decision. Think how and why you arrived at the decision. Once you do that, the picture becomes much clearer. Think of all the positive reasons which led you choose him out of all the guys you have known.Gif 1.

2. Trust your partner

If you can't keep calm, call your would be and talk it out. His voice and reason has calmed you down before, it will work again. Nothings beats talking out your concerns with your better half. It relieves you, calms you.

3. Get hold of your bestie

If she could get you over your high school heartbreak, she can definitely rescue you from all those wedding jitters. The bestie works like a charm during these situations. Talk to him/her, explain your feelings and then take their advice.Gif 2.

4. Scroll through your old pictures

Scroll through your old pictures on Instagram and relive those beautiful moments you’ve both spent together. It’ll make you smile, forget the stress and feel happy to be finally tying the knot with the man you love.

5. Ask your cousins to calm you down

Your cousins and siblings are your lifelines. And they can pretty much get you out of any situation. The moment you start feeling nervous about getting married, just send the alert message to your cousins. Trust us, no one knows how to calm you down better than them. 

Gif 5.

6. A drink can keep the jitters at bay!

We don't preach alcohol consumption, but at times, a glass of wine (or coffee!) is all that you need. Take a break from all the celebrations and preps and indulge in a good book or TV show with your favourite drink.

7. Meditation helps!

Follow a proper routine, and when those jitters peep in, meditation always helps. Take deep breaths and try to calm your mind. It will help you focus and make you feel lighter, mentally. 

8. Talk to experts, your married friends and siblings

It all boils down to experience, eventually! Nobody would be in a better position to guide you and sort your wedding woes but your married friends and siblings. They have gone through the same and can help you deal better. 

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