9 Things You’ll Totally Relate To If You Get Your Clothes Stitched!

Srishti Sabharwal

Senior Fashion Writer

Fast fashion does make our life simpler by making every style, trend or colour available easily. Even as we mix-and-match pieces to create a unique aesthetic, we still miss out on adding a personal touch to our outfits.Unlike, us lazy (yet fashionable) bones, there are still a lot of old school people out there who like go the extra mile for fashion. How? You may ask. By getting their clothes stitched instead of buying something ready-made. Do you know someone who does this? Or are you one of them? Either way, here are 9 things you’ll get if you get your clothes stitched!

1. You never have a definite answer for where you got your clothes from

1 things you%E2%80%99ll get if you get your clothes stitched

Well, it took 2 tailors, a couple of fabric shops and a few Pinterest boards to get this ready!

2. Bumping into someone who’s wearing the exact same thing as you is the least of your concerns

The chances of someone showing up in the exact same custom-made outfit as you, are 0.0000001. What a relief!

3. You know the names of fabrics and embroideries at the back of your hand  

Terms like chanderi, banarasi, raw silk don’t intimidate you any more.

4. Weddings and family functions get you super thrilled!

Because all you need is another reason to start looking for inspiration and get the tailoring started!

5. You’re spoilt for choice!

5 things you%E2%80%99ll get if you get your clothes stitched

Ready-made clothes at malls and branded stores just don’t cut it anymore.

6. From kurtas to dresses, you have a tailor for everything  

Your friends always count on you for all their master ji-related queries since you know which tailor to call depending on the sartorial need.  

7. Ready-made clothes seem way too overpriced to you

7 things you%E2%80%99ll get if you get your clothes stitched

You’re always doing mental math because know the market rates of fabrics and stitching. Anything that doesn’t add up, doesn’t appeal to you.

8. You love adding a personal touch to everything!

All these years of getting your clothes stitched has made you more aware of your personal style. Which is why you like to add a personal touch to everything you get made. To make it more you!

9. Pinterest is your favourite application

9 things you%E2%80%99ll get if you get your clothes stitched

Pinterest is a paradise for designers or for anyone looking for fashion inspiration. You can spend hours on the app without getting bored!


Published on Jan 03, 2018
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