15 Things You'll Get If You're A Girl Who Is Always Feeling Cold!

15 Things You'll Get If You're A Girl Who Is Always Feeling Cold!

Winters are here, like GoT says. And I absolutely hate it. Before you go ahead and call me the Grinch of winters (though I don't really mind that), hear me out. I am the kind of girl who is always, always cold. In summers, when the AC temperature goes anything below 22 degrees, I panic a little. When I was in Mumbai, a couple of years ago, I was actually one of the people who admitted it was getting cold, despite being from Delhi! So it doesn't come as a surprise that I am not a huge fan of winters (except for the boots, maybe). If you said 'Hey, same!!' to any of the above things, then you're like me and here are a couple of things you'll definitely relate to!

1. You have to make sure you carry a blanket to work

Because that is the only thing that seems to keep you from feeling cold!

1 feeling cold

2. Speaking of blankets, you hate getting out of one in the morning

I know everyone hates that in winters, but you genuinely are just one bad day away from sending in your resignation because you cannot get out of that damn blanket!

3. You have gloves on even when you're indoors

Thanks to that, you have mastered the skill of typing wearing gloves. Take that, world!

4. The first thing you look for in a room is where the heater is placed

And you run to it like your existence depends on it. Which, if you come to think of it, it kind of does.

4 feeling cold

5. You fantasize about living in places that have no winters altogether

Can't you just imagine it? A sunny sky through the year and never ever feeling cold!

6. You know exactly how to do winter layering right!

Christmas party in a cute dress? Yeah, right! I am wearing all my five layers! And carrying the sixth one just in case!

7. You have already rejected the cold-shoulder sweater trend

Stop trying to make it happen, fashion!

7 feeling cold

8. Your go-to question for small talk is 'Aren't you feeling cold?'

Well, aren't you?!

9. Your Instagram stories always have a warm cup of coffee in them

#WinterFeels, am I right?

10. You are ready to have full-fledged factual arguments with anyone who says 'It's not that cold!'

How dare you insult me like that?!

10 feeling cold

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