15 *Important* Things You Must Know About Your Husband Before You Tie The Knot!

15 *Important* Things You Must Know About Your Husband Before You Tie The Knot!

Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale. And even though you could be extremely excited about it all, we suggest you wear the new-age-badass-princess tag on your sleeves and set the record straight on some things. No one’s asking you to be savage, but we sincerely suggest you find out some important things about your husband before you tie the knot! It’ll be the perfect way for you to start your life ahead... Go on, give it a read.

1. Is he financially secure?

It’s not enough to know about his family background. You need to know if he’s capable of managing for himself. To put it curtly, you really need to know how much money the guy makes!

2. Does he have any debt?

We don’t mean to insinuate that you’re marrying some delinquent kind of guy. But is he still repaying a student loan? Or has he put some money into property and is trying to pay that off? Having money in the long run and having a disposable income are two very different things.

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3. Is he an absolute mama’s boy?

It’s honestly not the worse thing, but if your husband-to-be is from the man-child breed (that we encounter so often in our country) then frankly, you need to know already!

4. How does he take decisions?

Is he a self-made and responsible adult who makes his own decisions, or is he always doing as he’s told?  Or, is he at the other end of the spectrum where he doesn’t involve anyone in decisions or seek an opinion. This is honestly very important for you to know as this might affect your relationship in the long run.

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5. Does he believe in equality?

You need to know if he has sexist tendencies. Does he think your place is in the kitchen once you are married? Will he be open and understanding towards you and your needs? You need to know the answers to these things to avoid any rude aftershocks.

6. How close is he to his siblings?

Is he someone who can’t take a single word spoken against his siblings? Or does he love them but knows that they can have their flaws too?

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7. How social is he?

What is his idea of unwinding? Does he like going out or is he the kind who will skip absolutely any social interaction he can? You need to take these things into account.

8. How open is he to try new things?

Will he travel with you to new places or maybe try a new cuisine? Will he be your partner in every new adventure?

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9. How hygienic is he?

Although you may not completely know the answer to this until you start living with him, it’s important to take note of these things during the courtship phase. What if everything about him is awesome but he has very poor personal hygiene…  Will you be able to live with that? That’s a call you’ll need to take!

10. Is he respectful of elders?

We are not only talking about his parents here. Will he be a good son -in -law to your parents? Because, hey, we are pretty sure that’s important to you and damn, it should be!

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11. Does he ever want kids?

Very few people have the ‘baby’ discussion before marriage and realize later that they have diametrically opposite views on the matter. You guys need to be open with each other and discuss these things before you commit for life.

12. Is he the jealous sorts?

He needs to respect your space. You are signing up for marriage, not dictatorship! If you feel like this is going to be an issue in the future, then you need to address it right away.

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13. How does he envision life after marriage?

Practical aspects like where will you guys live? Will it be a joint family or will you two live separately? You need to know his thoughts on the matter.

14. Who are his closest friends?

A man is known by the company he keeps. Don’t stop at just asking him about them. Meet them; get to know them. See if you vibe with his crowd!

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15. Does he have a sense of humour?

Life is not always fair or easy. Marry a person who can make you laugh and infuse humour in any situation. If he has that quality, you’ve struck gold baby; solid gold!

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