9 Things You Can Do With Your Mouth That Will Drive Your Hubby Crazy!

9 Things You Can Do With Your Mouth That Will Drive Your Hubby Crazy!

The human body is fascinating. It’s like all our body parts have specific roles to play during the day, but come alive with the lover’s touch and transform into magical beings at night, capable of doing much more... To prove my point, let me the take the case of the ordinary mouth. Here are things to do with your mouth to drive your man crazy during sex.  

1. Talk dirty, girl.

Put that pretty mouth to some good use! Tell him all that you desire and fantasize about him, and watch him spring into action soon after. Hearing you talk dirty may put some ideas into his mind and nothing excites a man like a head full of naughty ideas. Dirty talking before!

2. Alternate between your tongue, teeth and lips…

Your mouth is a house full of active, living beings, each with a different feel of its own. All you gotta do is focus on some part of your lover’s body part and alternate between the bite of the teeth with the soft graze of the tongue and the lips and produce varying sensations that’d excite him like crazy for the wild sex you're gonna have.

2 things to do with your mouth

3. Humm a while…

Imagine placing your mouth on his earlobe and humming while doing it. It’d make your mouth vibrate and create a sensation similar to that of sex toys, but because he’d know it’s your mouth doing it – his excitement for sex would increase manifold.    

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4. Kiss him hard!

Suck on his lips hard and bite down on them wildly. In fact, you don’t just have to limit yourself to his mouth. Explore this act on various parts of his body – from his earlobes, to his nipples and his neck. It would take him by surprise and completely enthral him. He'll be so ready for sex after that long, hard kiss. 

4 things to do with your mouth

5. Kiss him soft…

If you combine your lips with your tongue, you’d be able to plant soft, tingling kisses on him. Follow his treasure trail or the strip of his hair that moves from his chest downwards, with your mouth. It’s an extremely sensitive area and would cause him to jump and moan in pleasure. You could even take your mouth to his thighs and his back, both of which are often neglected due to the dominant presence of his male parts. After all, what is sex if not wild and experimenting?!

6. Go where you haven’t before…

Great sex is all about experimenting! Sadly, most women don’t explore their partner’s bodies enough. They limit themselves to certain areas and never go beyond it. You mustn’t do the same and give him pleasure on his toes, his fingers, the back of his knee and even his torso – they’re full of nerve endings that are only waiting to be gratified.  

6 things to do with your mouth

7. Play with temperature.

Take help of a prop to play with your partner. Keep a glass of hot drink and iced drink close to you and alternately put them in your mouth. As your lips would change temperature when drinking either drink, you’d be able to plant hot and cold kisses on your partner. It’ll create extraordinary sensations wherever your mouth would touch him, and just imagine the sex you have after this.  

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8. Nibble and bite!

Nibbling is cute and biting is hot and when you aggressively alternate between the two, you catch your partner off guard and keep all his senses on alert, while making him writhe in pleasure. The anticipation of your next move will make him weak in the knees and light in the head, and make sex all the more pleasurable.  

8 things to do with your mouth

9. Tease him endlessly!

Dry kiss him by only gently grazing your lips around his neck and moving downwards from there, without actually kissing him on the mouth. Roll your tongue on his neck and nape and his thighs, brushing past his main parts but not actually touching them, so that he lies in wait till he has to beg of you to stop, in anticipation of something else (hint: sex). *Wink*

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