Dear Bride, Here Are 7 Things To Keep In Mind When Shopping For Your Wedding Shoes!

Dear Bride, Here Are 7 Things To Keep In Mind When Shopping For Your Wedding Shoes!

Your wedding shoes add that ‘pinch of salt’ which brings your bridal look together. If your shoes are not comfortable and don’t fit you well, then you are going to be uneasy throughout your wedding. And girl, that certainly wouldn’t be a good sight in all your shaadi photographs! Therefore, to help you choose the perfect pair, we have a few tips on things you need to look for in your wedding shoes. Here you go...

1. Finalize the shoes before altering the ‘lehenga’


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Once you’ve finalized your lehenga, start your search for the perfect footwear. Remember to buy your shoes and carry them for your lehenga trial as it is important for you to wear it while finalizing the length of the lehenga.

2. Wedges over pencil heels

Not only are wedges much more comfortable but unlike pencil heels, they don’t sink into a muddy surface. Because of a slightly raised platform heel pattern, they are comfortable and also provide easy movement.

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These antique gold wedges (Rs 24,90) would be a great and comfortable choice to wear in a wedding.

3. Don’t opt for high heeled stilettos

It is not just another party, it is your wedding function! Even if they look great, don’t buy sky high stilettos as they are extremely uncomfortable and would cause a lot of hassle if you are not used to wearing them often.

4. Examine the footwear

Since you’ll be wearing your wedding shoes for a long time, make sure that you check the sole of the shoes before buying them. The sole should not be hard but snug and soft. If you feel that the new shoes might give you cuts, put gel pads on the problem areas to ensure you remain comfortable at all times.

Carry these gel heel cushions (Rs 1,211) in your bridal emergency box just in case your heels begin to hurt you.

5. Wear them before

Once you have finalized your wedding shoes, it is important to test them often. Wear them a few times so that they open up and take the shape of your feet. This will make sure there are no last minute shoe troubles..

6. Foot accessories

If you are planning to wear an anklet or paayal on your wedding day, then do not buy footwear which have ankle straps on them. Apart from hiding your gorgeous mehendi, the paayal and the ankle strap can start to feel pokey over the course of the day. Instead, wear open-toed or even peep-toe platform heels, these will help you show off your mehendi design.

7. Choose a forever colour

Even though you would want your shoes to match your lehenga perfectly, we suggest you choose a colour you could wear in the future too. Champagne, silver, nude and gold are great bets and would complement most traditional outfits.

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