7 Things Every Introvert Girl With An Extrovert Bestie Knows To Be True!

7 Things Every Introvert Girl With An Extrovert Bestie Knows To Be True!

You know how they say, “opposites attract”, isn't it true for you with your extrovert best friend? Even though extroverts and introverts are on opposite ends of the personality spectrum-, you both often attract each other like magnets. And when you think of it, its makes total sense- for instance, she is a talker while you are the obedient listener. The beauty of such a friendship is that both of you give each other a new perspective on life and how to live it. That is exactly what we call- getting the best of both worlds. Not everyone will understand your struggle as an introvert who is best friends with an extrovert, but I certainly do! That’s why I’ve put together 7 things only those of us with extroverted besties will understand.

1. You will obviously want a night in when they want a night out

As a self-identifying introvert, let me tell you that a weekend spent reading a nice book and sipping hot chocolate is the best. The real headache in this friendship is when your extrovert best friend wants to go out because for them a weekend without zero socialising does NOT exist.

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2. Different things cause anxiety

For the introvert, social activities involving a lot of people (unknown) especially causes major anxiety and discomfort. While for the extrovert- being alone for more than one hour drives them over the edge. (try locking them in a room alone, they will go nuts. Okay kidding don't do that).

3.  Planning is a whole new task

Extroverts love to “go with the flow” and I wholeheartedly believe that spontaneity is their best friend, not you. Sometimes they will make plans or just meet random people at the bar and make a great night out of it. While we introverts on the other hand crave structure and an exact schedule of what's going to happen. So planning one night out is the major cause of all your fights.

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4. You will give each other a different perspective

One of the best things about having an opposite best friend is the difference itself. You can help your extrovert best friend to see a new perspective ad widen their horizon and vice versa. For instance, you can teach them to chill out and enjoy being by themselves. While an extrovert can teach you how to get out of your room and have fun. The best of friendships are about balance and your friendship checks all the right boxes.

5. You boh respond differently to the word “Pre-game”

Extrovert: “Hell yeah! I am so game for tonight- let the drinking commence. Then we will hit two or three clubs.”

Introvert: “Can we drink wine? Skip the vodka? At my apartment? Just you and me?”

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6. You both help each other enjoy new experiences

Would your extrovert best friend know what a gem the show Friends is if you dint make them binge watch seasons with you all weekend? Would you know just how much fun going clubbing with a bunch of people is if your extrovert bestie had not forced you? No! With compromises and differences emerge new experiences that you will remember forever.

7. You both complete each other

In all honesty- who wants to be friends with someone who is exactly like you? You don't want a bestfriend who just sits in silence with you or talks as much as you do without caring to listen? I wouldn't. You might not understand each other all the time but believe me you both are the perfect fit.

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