8 Things That Do NOT Make You A Feminist, No Matter What You Say

8 Things That Do NOT Make You A Feminist, No Matter What You Say

Feminism was initially defined as the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. But over the years, it turned into a movement where men and women came together to break gender stereotypes and empower each other to lead better, equal and more liberated lives. And yet, so many people still mistake feminism as a personal propaganda to judge, objectify and stereotype people of both the genders. So after coming across multiple instances of mistaken feminism, I decided to pen down a list of 8 things that do not make you a feminist!

1. Being a rebel

You fought your family and made it big, that doesn’t make you a feminist. Your selfish choices aimed at your own personal gains aren’t the same as making changes in the society for people who have unequal rights. A rebel without a cause does not make you a feminist until you start fighting for others as well.

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2. Being bi-sexual or lesbian

Your sexual orientation has nothing to do with you being a feminist. Who you love and what you practice are two different things. If you stil ask who is the ‘wife’ in the relationship, or who wears the 'pants', you’ve got this wrong for sure.

3. Calling out men

Pointing out mistakes when men say anything and picking up fights doesn’t make you a feminist. The other person being wrong doesn’t make you right. Geddit? However, when, with logic and reason, you make the other person understand the flaw in their arguments, then you may call yourself a proud feminist!

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4. Calling yourself one

Wearing an ‘I Am A Feminist’ t-shirt doesn’t make you one. Your actions need to speak louder than your words. Stay true to the act, not the reference.

5. Objectifying men

Respecting all genders is the basis of feminism, so if you make fun of men or objectify them, you are in no way better than those who catcall women. Feminism is a way of life, don’t misuse that power. Remember, an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

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6. Calling things ‘gay’ & ‘girly’

The title is pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? You need to respect all genders if you want people to respect your own. People, human rights before any other. And being gay or feminine isn’t synonymous with being weak and fragile, just FYI.

7. Stereotyping women

If a woman chooses to be a housewife or a mother, that doesn’t make her a ‘bad’ feminist. The fact that she chose her own path, no matter what it is, should be respected. Also, feminism has no space for stereotypes. If you don’t respect and cherish a fellow woman, nobody else will either.

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8. Man-hating

Again, the basis of feminism is gender equality. Man-hating will get you nowhere. Respect all genders and be honest in your approach towards issues that plague our society. Men are not the cause of our misery, patriarchy is. Men, just like women, are victims too!

Keep feministing, ladies!

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