Friends With Benefits: Perfect Arrangement Or Horrible Idea?

Friends With Benefits: Perfect Arrangement Or Horrible Idea?

Last week, I was curled up in bed, watching the movie ‘Friends with Benefits’, when it dawned on me how different the current relationship scenario is. At least from what it was 10 years back. They don’t send us those love letters anymore, honey! But are we the ones to be blamed?

Well, before we decide whether we should blame ourselves or celebrate the fact that we have landed ourselves into something so uncertain, let’s talk about discuss this infamous topic - ‘Friends With Benefits”. A concept where it is okay to have a physical relationship with someone without getting emotionally involved. When it’s only about sex, AKA no strings attached!

I decided to speak to my friends to understand if it is a road to heaven or hell?

Friends with benefits inside

“I’m SO for it!” - Neena Kapoor, 27, Writer

“I think it is the most perfect arrangement because the relationship I share with my ‘half boyfriend’ has no expiry date. I know for a fact that he is my friend first and any form of disagreement will be first discussed and sorted mutually so that none of us feel terrible about it. That’s the best thing about the whole situation that I am in.”

“When I told him I liked him, I never heard from him again.” - Kirti Kapoor, 25, Graphic Designer   

“I thought I was down with the whole concept, until I got into a relationship. I have been ‘Netflix and chilling’ with this guy and when I told him that I feel for him, it looked like he wanted to run away. His worst nightmare came true and we just never spoke after that. I can never risk doing that again because I cannot afford to feel that stupid.”

My take?

While, everyone we know has had a friend with benefits in their life, it’s okay to come down a conclusion depending on one's personal experience. No one can really say if it’s a good or a bad deal because we live and we learn. And based on our experiences, we form certain perceptions like these girls did.

It’s okay to not feel comfortable with the whole concept because to each his own. And it’s completely okay to feel safe and emotionally detached, well, because to each his own. Some people lay rules to make it a smooth ride and make sure they know what they want. They stick to their plans and deal with life that way. And so, you save yourself some drama and emotional meltdowns!

Moral of the story: Being in any spot won’t make a difference if you have a solid plan to lift you up when you’re down!

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